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Eric Nam Proposes to Mamamoo’s Solar On ‘We Got Married’

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The loving duo had a wonderful time together!

Global man Eric Nam made his partner, Mamamoo‘s Solar, totally surprised by giving her a romantic proposal on the latest episode of ‘We Got Married’.

First of all, Eric gave Solar a cup of orange juice with a secret message written on the bottom. He said: “Drink it up, till the end.”

After Solar finished the drink, the words on the bottom were revealed. It was his proposal: ”Will you marry me?”, written in English.

After that, Eric presented his virtual wife with a chocolate cake with a huge egg on the top. When Solar knocked the egg with a small hammer, a wedding ring appeared. The singer could not hide her surprise and happiness upon receiving the sweet proposal from her partner.

Let’s wait to see how this cute couple will progress in later episodes!


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