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Eun Ji Won & Kim Jong Min’s Newest Variety Show “Naturally” Debuts Official Posters And Video Teaser

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2 Days, 1 Night fans can’t wait for this new variety show reunion.

Veterans Eun Ji Won and Kim Jong Min reunite for MBN’s newest variety show, Naturally (literal title). This will be their first time to work together since Eun’s departure from 2 Days, 1 Night in 2012.


Naturally presents a unique and healing concept wherein the four main actors leave behind the hustle and bustle of their busy city life. They relocate temporarily to a remote part of the countryside. Each actor is given their own house which they can decorate to suit their own taste and personality.

The main goal for the cast members is to feel rejuvenated by enjoying the simple life and finding joy in the little things.

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Eun and Kim are part of a four-member cast, which also includes Jun In Hwa and Jo Byeong Gu. Enjoying a brief hiatus from acting, Jun will make her first appearance on Naturally. She last starred in My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol in 2015.

Meanwhile, Jo is a familiar face in variety shows. He previously participated in I Live Alone and Happy Together.

On July 28, MBN released the official poster for the variety show. The countryside vibe features prominently in the poster. The four main cast members rest comfortably on a stone wall.

Amidst a lush green backdrop, they lounge together, with the three other members looking like they’re laughing at Eun Ji Won. In particular, Kim seems to be having the most fun, casting a humored look at Eun.

A beautiful simple country house sits behind them. On the other hand, Eun looks directly at camera with a relaxed stance, not bothered by the other three members. With bright smiles and happy faces, the cast members all wear relaxed clothing.


Aside from the poster, MBN also released a short teaser on July 25. Jun enjoys her time in the kitchen as she prepares her meal with fresh ingredients. Meanwhile, Kim and Eun are busy getting their homes ready. Their comedic energy creates anticipation.

Finally, the handsome face of Jo matches perfectly with the cute little puppy he carries. He bonds gently with a neighborhood grandmother. The clip ends with a short peek at the four members enjoying a meal together.

Naturally premieres on August 3 at 9pm KST on MBN.

SOURCE: Sports Donga