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tvN Reveals More Stills of EXO’s D.O. + Behind-The-Scenes Look At “100 Days My Prince”

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There are a few days left before 100 Days My Prince hits our TV screens – but OMG, we’re so excited already!

tvN has been dropping teasers, posters, and videos left and right for the upcoming historical drama 100 Days My Prince – and it makes us anticipate the show’s premiere on September 10 even more! More stills of EXO’s Do Kyungsoo has been revealed after tvN shared the official posters for 100 Days My Prince which features both the dashing idol and his gorgeous female lead Nam Ji Hyun.

100 days my prince poster tvn

Photo from tvN

For his first role, D.O. takes on the persona of Joseon’s Crown Prince Lee Yool. He is smart, strong, handsome, and – obviously – royal, but he is widely disliked by the people around him. He makes everyone in the palace, especially his servants, uncomfortable because of his excessive sternness and perfectionist tendencies.

He even drives away the equivalently perfect crown princess Kim So Hye (played by Han So Hee) thanks to his personality. It is also revealed that the two are merely a couple for show.


100 days my prince exo do kyungsoo stills

Photo from tvN

This fact does not go past his knowledge – in fact, he recognizes how everyone sees him and shows that he does indeed mind it. In the last teaser video, he says, “It’s very inconvenient how I, Lee Yool, who has such a noble personality, make not only the interior, but also the civil servants boldly uncomfortable”.

The real side of Prince Lee Yool, who does not open his heart to anyone, is revealed when he is alone. The unreadable expression in his cold eyes shows that despite his prickly front, Lee Yool is actually a lonely Crown Prince.

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However, his second character Won Deuk, the identity he assumes after he loses his memory after an accident, is the complete opposite. He shows a big, bright smile, which Crown Prince Lee Yool never did, and reveals that he has a ‘human soul’, which he did not know about himself.

exo do kyungsoo 100 days my prince stills

Photo from tvN

Despite being extremely clumsy and clueless, Won Deuk feels as if he’s luckier than Lee Yool – because at least, he doesn’t feel lonely. He meets Hong Sim (played by Nam Ji Hyun), who he might have been forced to marry at first – but thanks to her ability to understand him as a person, they develop a harmonious life as a married couple.

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He even tells Hong Sim, “You are my lady and I am your soul,” in the last teaser – showing the budding relationship between the two.

tvN has also shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the highly-anticipated drama – and it feels like we traveled back to Joseon too with the bubbly cast of 100 Days My Prince! Check the video out below:

100 Days My Prince will start airing on September 10, taking the place of Let’s Eat 3 on tvN every Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30 PM KST.

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