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EXO’s Kai To Become Guest DJ On “Lee Gook Ju’s Youngstreet”

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Fans are showing their excitement toward EXO’s member Kai’s coming appearance this Wednesday on the radio show Lee Gook Ju’s Youngstreet with a new role: guest DJ.

Kai previously made his first guest appearance on the show in April, along with his groupmates; Chanyeol and Chen. He expressed his feelings after joining the show and the desire to show up again, saying:

It’s the first time that I spoke this much on radio. I hope to take part in this radio show again in the future.

To that, Lee responded:

Then let’s do a double DJ when you show up next time.

Now, the two’s words for a collaboration in the show is finally coming true, with a number of segments prepared for Kai on the October 7 episode of Lee Gook Ju’s Youngtreet.

(Editing by Yoon Ha)

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