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Global Fans Of Lee Jun Ki Pour In United Support For “Lawless Lawyer”

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Lee Jun Ki is gifted with loving fans all over the world!

Actor Lee Jun Ki received an impressive support from his global fandom in celebration of his new legal drama, Lawless Lawyer.

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki who is known for doting his fans by actively interacting with them has even taken time off his busy schedule to celebrate his birthday this year as an annual tradition that he does for his cherished fans.

He also recently revamped his homepage as a venue to communicate with his worldwide supporters. His overseas followers returned the adoration by doing a fan project of posted photos and video ads on subway stations and building billboards to promote Lawless Lawyer.

Lee’s images will be a fixture in local subway stations including Seoul, Samsung, Jamsil, as well as 10 Busan stations.

Subway station posters and billboards are strong advertising methods.  Hence, advertising executives and the people in the entertainment industry can feel the immense star power of Lee Jun Ki.

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Lee Jun Ki

The nationalities of fans that support Lee Jun Ki are also diverse. A total of 26 countries across Asia, North and South America, Europe, and Arab region became one with their beloved actor to campaign for his new drama.

Lee’s global firepower yielded good results as Lawless Lawyer secured 6% nationwide viewership rating from the first week of broadcast.

Lee Jun Ki has taken his first legal drama role in his new project. He suits up for the role of a lawyer with calculated persona. He takes advantage of the human law gaps to get the work done. After witnessing his mother’s miserable death when he was young, his absolute mission is to avenge his mother’s unfortunate passing. He uses flawless techniques with his fist as an attorney, who dreams of a justice well-served through righteous government rules.

Lawless Lawyer airs on tvN on weekends.


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