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Go Ah Sung, Esom & Park Hye Su To Fight Office Corruption In Upcoming Film

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Talented actresses Go Ah Sung, Esom and Park Hye Su are set for the female leads of Samjin Group’s English TOEIC Class.

The film takes the story of a group of high school graduates who take English TOEIC lectures provided by the company. Set in the 90’s, the girls work to unravel suspicious activities related to the company’s unfair practice.

Go Ah Sung

Additionally, Samjin Group’s English TOEIC Class denotes a business trend implementing high school graduate employees of better work opportunities in the 90’s. That is if they exceed the 600 points margin set by English TOEIC class.

Building her career at a young age, Go Ah Sung is part of the successful film The Host. Her most recent works are Life on Mars and period film A Resistance.


Like Go, Esom switches between film and television projects. Scoring impressive dramas The Third Charm and Save Me 2 recently, she was also cast in film My Exceptional Brother.

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Meanwhile, Park Hye Su starred opposite EXO’s D.O. in film Swing Kids last year. The K-Pop Star 4 alumna has notable roles in Hello Twenties and Introverted Boss.

Park Hye Su

Go Ah Sung, Esom and Park Hye Su are expected to express solidarity and bravery of high school graduates who stand up against their company’s corruption.

Source: Sports Donga

Image Credit: Allure | Ceci | Cosmopolitan


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