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Gong Seung Yeon Challenges Her First-Ever Thriller Short Film

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Gong Seung Yeon is preparing for her first-ever thriller film project!

Actress Gong Seung Yeon has been confirmed to star in her first thriller project with the short film 애타게 찾던 그대 You, I’ve Been Desperately Looking For (literal title).

Gong Seung Yeon

According to her agency, Varo Entertainment, it is confirmed that Gong Seung Yeon has been cast in a short film titled You, I’ve Been Desperately Looking For. It is a fantasy, horror and thriller genre film that spotlights the true intentions of two people who naturally talk in strange situations.

It is a short film directed by Director Lee Min Seop, a work selected at the 24th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival –  Ghost Story Short Production Support Contest.

Actress Gong will play the role of a woman, who accidentally hears a man’s phone call passing by in front of her. Out of nowhere, they start having a conversation.

Over the past years, Gong has actively ventured on numerous drama projects, including Six Flying Dragons, The Master of Revenge, The Introverted Boss, Circle: Two Worlds Connected, and Are You Human. Aside from that, she also starred in the short film My Dream Class.

Recently, she has also been cast in the film Handsome Guys, following her most-recent television series Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.

After building up an impressive acting portfolio, the actress will challenge her first thriller film and showcase a delicate and thrilling emotional performance through her upcoming project.

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Photo: Varo Entertainment

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