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Gong Yoo & Park Bo Gum Film “Seo Bok” Releases Enthralling First Trailer

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Gong Yoo is man on a mission as he tries to do everything he can for Park Bo Gum in the movie’s trailer.

Seo Bok trailer gives fans more reason to watch out for the film’s release. The upcoming sci-fi flick stars Gong Yoo as an intelligence agent taking on his last mission. His assignment is to protect mankind’s first human clone, Seo Bok played by Park Bo Gum. They will encounter several forces trying to covet the clone.

Seo Bok

The trailer opens with Ki Heon (Gong Yoo) taking in a deep breath and asking, “What is that project?”

Chief Ahn (Jo Woo Jin) tells him that “it is a top-secret project of national importance”. Inside the facility, Ki Heon learns about “the subject which is created from stem cell cloning and genetic engineering”. He also gets his first glimpse of the test subject. Ki Heon expresses disbelief as he says, “So you are saying he is a clone?”, to which a voice is heard saying “Seo Bok is an immortal being”.

The video then shows the first interaction between Ki Heon and the human clone, as the former introduces himself to the latter. The next sequences display action-packed scenes as Min Ki Heon and Seo Bok embark on their journey. Another voice over says, “The order is to take him down.” The trailer ends with Seo Bok asking Ki Heon, “Why are you protecting me?”.

The film is highly-anticipated as fans of Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum are eager to see the actor’s first project together.

Actors Jo Woo Jin, Jang Young Nam and Park Byung Eun also star in the upcoming movie. Their characters give more color and intrigue to the narrative. PD Lee Yong Joo directs the film and will have its nationwide theatrical release in December.

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