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‘Good Manager’ Continues To Be Good; Maintains Solid Lead In Wednesday-Thursday Drama Race

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Good Manager is running well in the race!

KBS’s office comedy ‘Good Manager’ remains unbeatable as it maintained solid lead in the Wednesday-Thursday drama race.

The office comedy led by Namgoong Min is unfazed at the top spot, with 17.1 percent viewership rating for its 16th episode, according to data by Nielsen Korea. Despite recording a 1.3 percentage point dip from its previous episode, the series held on to its spot against its main competitors.

SBS’s ‘Saimdang, Light Diary’, on the one hand, garnered a rating of 10.2 percent. This is 0.2 lower compared to its previous broadcast. The SBS drama marked Lee Young Ae‘s return to television after 14 years of hiatus since the 2003 hit ‘Jewel in the Palace’. However, the much talk on the actress’ return did not transcend to viewership as responses remain underwhelming.

MBC’s new office drama ‘Radiant Office’ failed to improve the network’s standing on the drama race. It wrapped up its first week with a low viewership rating of 3.8 percent.

Aside from winning the Wednesday-Thursday drama race, ‘Good Manager’ also topped a benchmark TV popularity chart. It scored 247.1 points on the Content Power Index (CPI), staying as the number one TV program during the February 27 to March 5 period.

The KBS drama tells a story of an accountant at fictional TQ group, and genius embezzler Kim Sung Ryong. Played by Namgoong Min, Kim ends up fighting for the rights of employees and against greater corruption within the workplace.

The drama also stars Nam Sang Mi, Jung Hye Sung, and 2PM’s Jun Ho.

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