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GOT7 Admits Shortcomings In Recent JTBC Variety Show, Looks Forward To Improve Themselves

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GOT7 members were just worried that they could not perform well in front of their president.

GOT7 recently held a live broadcast via Naver’s V app. During the broadcast, the group’s members interacted and shared with fans their feelings after taking part in JTBC’s TV program Knowing Bros.

Yugyeom shared: “We appeared on ‘Knowing Bros’ last week. I was nervous at first but as the hosts made me feel comfortable, I could finish the filming well.”

He added: “We appeared with producer Park Jin Young.”

(Naver V app)

Later on, the members respectively expressed their expectation to take part in the show without their president Park.

Yugyeom continued: “We were clumsy (at the filming) but I hope we can star on the show by our own as we improve ourselves.”

JB agreed with his bandmate, saying: “He got momentum and talked a lot. I hope to appear on the show by ourselves someday.”

Jinyoung also had the same thought: “We will star on the show by ourselves next time to talk about many issues.”

In related news, GOT7 dropped its new album Eyes on You on March 12.

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