GOT7’s Jinyoung to Lead New Revenge Movie “Christmas Carol”

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Kim Sung Soo’s upcoming film Christmas Carol starring Jinyoung as the male lead is set to meet the viewers in theaters next year.

Versatile artist Park Jinyoung will be making his much-awaited silver screen return after four years. The GOT7 member is ready to conquer the theaters soon with his high-caliber acting.

From music videos to Kdramas, Jinyoung has a lot of talent to offer. After his non-stop projects, GOT7’s Jinyoung landed a new lead role in a revenge movie Christmas Carol which is set to kick off in 2022.

Korean media outlets reported on October 8 that idol-actor Jinyoung was confirmed to star in the forthcoming film Christmas Carol. This marks his second movie project following A Stray Goat in 2017.

Jinyoung to Play a Dual Role in Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol is an action-thriller movie that depicts the story of a twin brother who voluntarily enters a juvenile detention center to avenge the death of his brother. GOT7 Jinyoung is expected to portray a dual role which will showcase his flexible acting.

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The Devil Judge actor takes the roles of Joo Il Woo and Joo Wol Woo. Director Kim Sung Soo is in charge of helming the movie and writing the script.

Christmas Carol to Start Filming in 2022

In addition to the reports, the team will start its production once the other cast is already confirmed. They plan to begin filming in the first quarter of next year.

According to Jinyoung even ahead of filming Christmas Carol, he feels pressured yet challenged for his new project knowing that it is adapted from an original work. The singer-actor concluded that he will work hard to naturally portray the characters of Joo Il Woo and Joo Wol Woo.

Source: Star Today

Photo Credits: Noblesse Men Magazine | Jinyoung’s Instagram

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