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Weekly K-Drama Recap: “Grand Prince” Episodes 5 & 6

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Amidst the looming war outbreak, sweet kisses and arranged marriage seal the love stories for the third week of Grand Prince.

Not wanting to adjust on his brother’s greed anymore, Grand Prince Hwi mans up to protect the first woman who caught his elusive heart.

Grand Prince Episode 6

Grand Prince Recaps

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Grand Prince Ep. 5 & 6 Highlights

Grand Prince Episode 5

Prince Hwi’s Love Confession

Prince Hwi jumps to the water to save Lady Jahyeon who escapes from his brother’s boat. He brings her over to a shack so she can dry up before going home.

She asks him why he keeps giving her gifts. He responds how she is cute and clueless to still not realize how special she is to him, that’s why he gives things that will make her happy. The love smitten prince continuously sends love letters to his muse who is still unaware that he is a member of the royal family.

Prince Hwi Declares Love Territory

Out of fury, Prince Kang sleeps with a cunning gisaeng, who is also the same gisaeng who failed to seduce his younger brother. Prince Hwi throws a punch at his brother and warns him not to touch his woman.

Grand Prince

Prince Kang weds ambitious Lady Nagyeom

Prince Kang officially marries Yoon Nagyeom, who ambitiously took over the marriage position of her older sister. The bride’s trusted friend Lady Jahyeon realizes that the man she has fated encounters with is actually a Joseon prince.

Lady Jahyeon Accepts Prince Hwi’s Love

Thinking she got entangled with the prince’ love game, Lady Jahyeon ignores Prince Hwi’s letters.

He resorts to hitting the library books to calm down her anger. He goes to her house to stage a story-telling session. Prince Hwi genuinely pours his heart out by narrating his very own love story, with Lady Jahyeon intently watching.

His sincere heart wins her over, and she accepts the passionate kiss which he gives to seal his claim of her as his woman.

Attack of the Jurchens

Grand Prince Hwi formally visits his mother to ask permission so that he can marry the lady he cherishes in his heart. Their happy conversation is interrupted with the news of the Jurchens taking over the northern region.

The King falls ill and raises debate for the government ministers. With no apparent heir as the newborn prince is yet to be inducted as the crown prince, the villains are scheming ploys to put Prince Kang in the position.

Knowing her second son’s evil heart, the Queen Mother resorts to appointing Prince Hwi to calm the clamors of the scholars and their adversaries.

Prince Hwi denounces her mother’s request so her mother is left with no choice but to pawn his marriage to Lady Jahyeon for him to relent.

Grand Prince Episode 6

Prince Hwi Joins Military Expedition

The villains counter the cushion prepared by the Queen Mother in bypassing the succession by selecting his third son.

Amidst the protests of the opposing ministers, Grand Prince Yang Ahn volunteers to go to the battlefield to raise the honor of the royal family. He also suggests bringing Prince Hwi to prove that he is capable of getting the honor of an appointed crown prince.

The King who sympathizes with his younger brother’s ordeal pleads him to accept the title, but Prince Hwi is firm to his decision. He acquiesces to go to the northern region to subdue the erupting war as Lady Jahyeon is saddened on learning the news through Lady Nagyeom.

A Pause For The Fated Lovers

Prince Hwi appeases the heavy heart of his woman who worries about his dangerous task in the battlefield. He promises to come back so he can spend his life as her man, and Lady Jahyeon vows to wait for him. They exchange love promises in a Buddhist temple on the day before he leaves to do his duty as a Grand Prince of the country.

Grand Prince is slowly unraveling the events which lead to the poignant situation in the opening week of the story.  As expected for the historical theme, the power struggle drives the focal problem of the narrative, which is cushioned by the romance injected for the main leads.

Going on her usual maverick self, Lady Jahyeon is seen with a man’s clothing as the troop heads to the northern region parades, with the crowd cheering for a safe return.

Grand Prince continues on with its well-blended serious and bright notes, while drawing the viewers to its stunning love tale.

Stay tuned for our recap next week!

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