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K-Drama Recap: “Grand Prince” Episodes 7 & 8

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Amidst the war outbreak, Grand Prince Hwi was able to sneak in some cute battlefield romance with his lady love

Grand Prince continues to drive a balanced energy by incorporating the trademark political strife of historical dramas and cushioning it with the romance elements of the story.

Grand Prince Episode 7

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The Grand Prince

Grand Prince Episode 7 & 8 Highlights

Battlefield Romance

Lady Jahyeon sneaks in to join the military expedition. The harsh winter is slowly causing people to be ill so Prince Hwi gives his tent to the sick people. He notices a strange figure sneaking out from the camp and wields his sword at the person not knowing who she is. He hugs his woman who followed them so that she can give the warm clothing she made for him. They sleep beside each other, as Prince Hwi sneaks a passionate kiss to her. Unfortunately, Lady Jahyeon’s action earns Prince Hwi a castigation from his uncle. He reasons how it is unbefitting of a prince to play around amidst the war journey they are doing. She safely goes back home escorted by Prince Kang who has been convincing her father not to have his daughter marry Prince Hwi.

The growing Royal Family Dispute

Prince Kang asks his wife to enter the palace and offer tonic for the recovering King, but Queen Mother orders it to be thrown out, skeptic of his treacherous son’s intention. The growing power struggle between the Royal Family members moves as the princes’ uncle Prince Yang Ahn ploys a misfortune for Prince Hwi. The latter suggests meeting the Jurchens for a negotiation and Yang Ahn tasks his man to also cut a deal with the Jurchens, causing the latter to distrust Prince Hwi.

Betrayal and lies of Prince Yang

The Jurchen commander agrees on Prince Ahn’s proposal pledging to grant enemies a high stake bargain once his favorite nephew ascends to the throne. Prince Hwi and his group escape the soldier Jurchens with the help of a Korean-Jurchen tribal princess, Roo Shi Gae. But they are cornered by the fiercest of the Jurchen army as they try to escape in the woods. They are taken to be enslaved in the Jurchen camp as Prince returns to the capital to inform the Royal family about the death of Prince Hwi.

The women of Prince Kang

Lady Nagyeom invites gisaeng Yo Kyung and offers a gift for her for taking care of her husband’s affairs when he meets people in the gisaeng house. She also indirectly sends the message not to cross the line of serving her husband. The defiant gisaeng bluntly refuses to serve her as she only reserves Grand Prince Kang. She also hints that she is not the woman the lady should be afraid of, knowing that the prince harbors love towards Lady Jahyeon. The furious lady of the house beats the gisaeng to a hilt. The gisaeng vows to avenge the pain she experienced that day more than a thousand folds when the right time comes along.

The mourning for Prince Hwi

Prince Hwi is declared dead during battle hence the mourning period ensues in the palace. Lady Jahyeon grieves on the news of her lover’s death not knowing that he is still alive, in a harsh suffering in the hands of the Jurchens. Lady Nagyeom heeds her friend a bitter consoling advice. She catches on the woman gisaeng Yo Kyung is refering to as her husband’s true love to be Jahyeon. Ambitious Lady Nagyeom severes her ties with Lady Jahyeon, citing she has never considered her as a friend since she was envious of her pampered and sheltered life.

In the prison camp, Prince Hwi is advised by his main guard that he was purposely left out as part of the ploy of his older brother to usurp the throne. The next morning they ask permission for Prince Hwi and his eunuch to leave. They leave behind the main guard who has been posing as the prince to protect Hwi. But the Joseon people inadvertently let the Jurchens know of the true identity of Prince Hwi. Thus, they are ordered to be killed leaving his main guard take all the arrows shot in his direction.

Whew! Grand Prince keeps its superb storytelling flowing with the right amount of historical drama intrigues that are staple elements of the popular sageuk series.

Grand Prince Episode 8 Recap

What is commendable about this drama is how given the length of the series, the story goes through the important main points neatly, hence skipping the disregardable fillers in the process.

Though parading a lot of characters, the supporting cast also has time to showcase their roles as the narrative progresses.


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