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Ha Ji Won Joins Kim Byung Man To Explore Mars In “Galileo: The Awakened Universe”

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Yes, you read it right. Celebrated actress Ha Ji Won ventures to a new project in tvN’s Galileo: The Awakened Universe.

As a surprise card, Ha Ji Won confirms and preps up to add her shining star power in the ambitious sci-fi entertainment show that will let her become a part of a program – which depicts life survival in planet Mars.

The experimental TV program is a new ambitious concept that takes a science-fiction variety approach.

Ha Ji Won

(Photo from Cosmopolitan)

The crew joins the team of “Mars Exploration Project”, who is currently conducted in Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah that houses a simulated environment of the planet Mars.

MDRS is only allowed for scientific experimentation to cosmologists around the world, and the crew had to go through several months of persuasion in order to shoot the project.

The production crew expressed excitement about the Mars exploration project in MDRS, which has never been publicized in Korea.

Galileo: The Awakened Universe

(Photo from iMBC)

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The new variety show is expected to satisfy viewers’ intellectual curiosity, including information about the unknown world of Mars, and the fun of exploring the earth’s twin planet.

Ha Ji Won, Kim Byung Man and Gugudan’s Sejeong will study survival on Mars, conduct Mars exploration and scientific experiments, and experience life as a Martian for a week.

Lee Young Jun PD said, “The biggest reason that I gave the Mars human exploration project to Ha Ji-won is because of her high interest about space.”

He also shared how the actress is so interested in the universe that she likes going to astronomical observatories on a regular basis. He is expecting that Ha Ji Won who has a lot of curiosity about the universe will seek the MDRS  project, and challenge it positively.

“The curiosity of Ha Ji Won’s quest to survive on Mars will be able to represent the same curiosity of the viewers,” he added.

Ha Ji Won last appeared in MBC’s medical drama Hospital Ship.

Galileo: The Awakened Universe, is scheduled to air in July, with the filming to commence at the US MDRS station in June.

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