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Ha Ji Won Suits Up As A North Korean Spy In Year-End Thriller Drama “Prometheus”

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We can’t think of any other actress who can pull off an undercover agent character with much conviction other than Ha Ji Won.

The upcoming KBS espionage film boasts a reported whopping budget of 30 billion won and will be shot in five countries, making it a highly-anticipated series this year.

Ha Ji Won


Prometheus takes the plot of how peace talks on denuclearization between the two Koreas are in full swing. But the core North Korean scientists who are well-versed in their country’s nuclear weapon disappeared mysteriously. It then propels a race for countries to track their location deploying their best secret service agents.

Ha Ji Won will portray the role of a North Korean NIS official which is the key character in the story. Known for her impeccable presence in stage combat, the actress has proven stellar performances in her variety of roles which include Hospital Ship, Empress Ki, Secret Garden and Hwang Jin Yi.

Her appearance in Prometheus is a dream come true for the creative team because they had Ha Ji Won in mind during the planning stage of the production.

Prometheus is keen to prove that the hype is worth for the drama by presenting a spectacular spy chronicle not commonly drawn in South Korea’s small screen landscape. The overseas filming will provide fresh sceneries highlighting the relationship between the two Koreas.

Prometheus official said, “We have been working on planning and scripting for about two years and casting has been done for each character. We will do our best to show a solid and new drama.”

Premier actress Ha Ji Won has gained well-deserved recognitions from her drama roles. This will be her second time playing a North Korean actor since her appearance on King 2 Hearts.

She is also set to appear on tvN’s ci-fi variety show Galileo: The Awakened Universe, set for broadcast this month. Their team will join the Mars exploration team, conducting research in simulated environment of the planet Mars.

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