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Cha Tae Hyun & Lee Seung Gi Bond With Jang Hyuk, Lee Si Eon & Simon Dominic In Busan Episode Of “Hometown Flex”

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Newly-formed travel duo, Cha Tae Hyun and Lee Seung Gi, began their adventure in Hometown Flex!

Born and raised in Seoul, the two all-rounder artists get to visit different hometowns in South Korea, and fans couldn’t be any luckier to join them in the fun!

hometown flex

Hometown Flex takes the concept of how people raised in Seoul acquaint themselves in the hometown of the projected guests for the show. Cha Tae Hyun and Lee Seung Gi will visit the hometown of the invited guest to experience the best of what the region can offer.

Promising unparalleled amusement, the show hints that the places, experiences, and food delicacies picked by local celebrities will highlight memories from the guest that would incite laughter.

First Stop: Busan – LA of South Korea

Earlier, tvN has confirmed the first guests of the show which marked Busan as its first city to visit. Jang Hyuk, Lee Si Eon and rapper Simon Dominic join the parade of their recommended spots in Busan in the first episode of Hometown Flex.

Onboard KTX to Busan, the actors told quick stories of where they studied when they were young. Both take pride of being Seoul hillbillies citing how the culture of best cities in South Korea can be found in Seoul. Adding to that, they get to taste the best food.

Upon arriving at Busan station, the guests greet the duo of Hometown Flex who wore matching colored shirts. The production team explained the show, letting the guest stars to introduce the best things in the region. Simon Dominic quips how everything is nice in Busan,

Meanwhile, Jang Hyuk confesses how he does a yearly visit in Busan. But, he would ask his friends and relatives what to do and where to go earning smiles from the team.

Additionally, the guest stars are urged to speak in their dialects, a feat hard for Jang Hyuk, after living in Seoul for 26 years. Briefing the Seoul villagers with some basic language information, the group of five settle comfortably with a few laughs.

Pork Gukbap for Breakfast

Starting off the day tour needs energy driving nourishment. Hence, the group head to eat Busan’s delicacy “pork gukbap”, which is also Jang Hyuk’s favorite local food. Revealing he frequented the restaurant when he was shooting in Busan before, and ate “pork gukbap” for at least 40 times, Jang Hyuk brings them to the place.

But just when they are about to dig in, the production team throws a game for them to determine which gukbap is from the restaurant. If Jang Hyuk gets it right, his team gets to eat.

Simon Dominic, who suggested McMorning breakfast earlier, adorably complains saying they should have gone to McDonalds since there’s no chance for them to suffer with a test. Sitting in front of five bowls of gukbap, Jang Hyuk did a taste test and tries to remember all the gukbap bowls he had before.

Finally picking a choice, laughter erupted when the first he picked to be ousted is actually what the restaurant serves. Even the restaurant owner is baffled on how he got it wrong in one shot after giving a hint that they don’t use artificial seasoning. Lee Seung Gi and Cha Tae Hyun are both in glee since they get to eat while Team Busan cannot.

A walk in Taejongdae

Busan brothers bring the Seoul Hillbillies to Taejongdae, a popular tourist spot for a relaxing time. After getting some refreshments, they head to the viewing deck and marvel at the sight of the vast ocean.

Spotting a tiny island, the Busan brothers can’t answer to what its called especially Jang Hyuk who never thought that such existed, and even blamed it to the tides for it to show that day.

Laughing heartily at the joke, they then proceed to walk to a winding path to reach Yeongdo Lighthouse. What awaits them after a knee-weakening stroll is a hub serving fresh seafood. Greeting the women, Lee Seung Gi asked about the business and learns that it has been working for over 50 years. It was passed on by the women’s mothers to them.


Two parasols are set up while the five wait for their food. Earlier, Lee Si Eon explained how Busan people call someone’s attention and the two Seoul villagers finally heard it in person drawing big smiles from them. Placing their food orders, the production team again stops a happy eating occasion for the group. They announce another game and whoever loses will have to climb up to the convenience store to buy chopsticks.

Lee Seung Gi comes up with the game of determining the count of conchs in the seafood plate being prepared by the ajummas at Haenyeo village. Things are not going among Busan brothers because the Seoul brothers won again betting on an even number count. Falling in love on the delicious taste of the conchs, Seoul brothers finish it in one go.

A plateful of conchs is again at stake, but Seoul brothers still won. They give a chance to the Busan brothers if they can name five beaches in the region in five seconds. Simon Dominic won, but opted to share the food with his brothers, proving Busan brother’s loyalty.

A Quick Break At An Amazing Cafe

A hearty lunch is best to be followed by a cafe visit, and Lee Si Eon scored an amazing recommendation in Yeongdo-gu. The city was once an industrial zone and some of the establishments kept the old structures.

Marching to the fifth floor of the building, the group whines a bit only to eat their thoughts when the city view welcomed their sight. The cafe with a rooftop option gives an amazing look of the city and the ocean.  If the sun is too glaring, the cafe guests can move indoors with equally amazing view and cozy interior.

Engaging to a pleasant chat like old friends hanging out, they talk about their impressions of Yeongdo.

A Tour on Simon D’s Hip-Hop Roots

En route to their last destination, Simon Dominic narrates the quick history on how his music dreams started in a small club, and later flourished in Busan’s music underground scene. He mentions how he owed his career to club owner, who nurtured his love for hip-hop.

After playing his music, they have fun listening to popular songs that were released by Cha Tae Hyun and Jang Hyuk. Momentarily, Lee Seung Gi returns to his real profession as he also endearingly belts out with his spectacular voice.

Reaching the vicinity of Busan National University, they head to an underground where Simon Dominic continued his stories. They marvel at some old graffiti still displayed. The production team also gifts the rapper with a video presentation. Capping off the underground visit, a popularity game between the Seoul and Busan brothers was held, with Busan brothers winning it.

Tracing his own history, Simon Dominic led the brothers to where club 2PAC used to be located. It has since become a dance studio. When he entered the place, he was surprised to see the club owner whom he did not recognize as one of the people in the fan sign event earlier. He also meets the woman who watched him practice with his friends when they were young.

In tears, the rapper’s story tug on hearts with its lesson on how growing up gifts us with wonderful people. Mentors who watch us grow into the person we are bound to become.

A truly heartening show for people who love to travel, Hometown Flex is a sweet reminder of how the place we grew up with has witnessed our small and big victories. And how it will always be welcoming and happy to be part of our memories.

Fans can watch it on Viu.

Photos: Screencaps from Viu.

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