“Hometown Flex” Episode 2 Brims With Fun Brotherhood Stories In Busan With Cha Tae Hyun, Lee Seung Gi, Jang Hyuk, Lee Si Eon & Simon Dominic

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Hometown Flex continues to explore Busan with Seoul villagers, Cha Tae Hyun and Lee Seung Gi.

Joining them in the first stop of Hometown Flex are Korean artists hailed in the city of summer and foodies. Presenting the beauty of Busan are Jang Hyuk, Lee Si Eon and Simon Dominic.

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The pilot episode of Hometown Flex has had the Seoul and Busan brothers visit Taejongdae, Yeongdo and Busan National University station area. Reminiscing their humble beginnings and youth, the Busan brothers acquainted the duo from Seoul on must-visit destination and sumptuous local food.

Simon Dominic’s hip-hop cry & favorite chicken place

Picking up from the events of the first episode, the brothers drive silently to where they will stay to rest. After a heartwarming encounter with his mentor, Simon Dominic revels on that grateful moment of meeting the people who realized his music potential.

Apologizing for the emotional burst, Cha Tae Hyun replies that anyone will feel the same in that emotional moment. Trust Lee Seung Gi to say the cutest thing ever as he pointed out how Simon Dominic cried with a swag.

Saying he cries in hip-hop style earns laughter from his seniors. He even makes a lousy imitation, nonetheless capturing the “cool cry” of the Busan rapper.

Capping off the night, the five go to Simon Dominic’s favorite neighborhood chicken place and munch on yummy food dipped in a special-recipe sauce. Praising the delicious food, he adds how the place does not close even on holidays, and is always packed with people from different places.

They also meet Simon Dominic’s father who happened to pass by, and learned that his son is filming. Expressing he is a fan of Jang Hyuk, Simon Dominic stops his father from being cute confessing his being a true fan using hip words.

Busan’s City Lights

En route to their accommodation, Jang Hyuk can’t help but feel happy on Simon Dominic’s relationship with his father. The latter relays how he grew up joking with his father.

Jang Hyuk then shared how his father is like Santa Claus for him since he gets to see him only during Christmas break as he worked overseas when he was growing up for 10 years. Nevertheless, he loves and looks up to him.

Arriving to their spacious bedroom, they are all amazed at the night view of the apartment they are going to stay.

Often featured in city shots of Busan from Haeundae beach are the towering skyscrapers, and they are exactly in one of those at the 75th floor.

Once upon a time in Nampo-dong

The next day, the team heads to complete their travel itinerary. But before that, they play a quick word game to acquire an iced cold coffee. All but Lee Si Eon, luckily get their coffee fix to start their day.

Almost losing track driving on Busan’s bridges and intersections, Si Eon and Tae Hyun, who are on the front seat finally hit the correct crossroad. Jang Hyuk jokes not to let his best friend Tae Hyun to drive in Busan upon realizing the delay because of him on wheels.

Struggling with the car navigation system, Lee Si Eon takes charge and becomes a human navigator to help his hyung. They spot Nampo-dong sign thanks to Si Eon’s voice navigation and head to the famous fashion district.

Walking Tour at Gukje market & BIFF Square

Heading to their next destination, they do an instant walking tour to Gukje market following footprints of famous artists hailed in Busan. Seung Gi also had a quick blast from the past as they passed by the hotteok store he met 10 years ago.

They also reach BIFF street. Taking charge, Jang Hyuk shares memories of his youth in the celebrated venue for Busan International Film Festival. The Busan locals confirm that Nampo-dong is the go-to place when watching movies in Busan.

Students flock the area to watch movies and go to Gukje market to shop and munch local street food.

Jang Hyuk’s youth at Nampo-dong’s movie houses

Loyal to his music roots, Simon Dominic confessed that he has stayed in his area and never watched movies in Nampo-dong. Jang Hyuk also explains how there were theaters that show two movies simultaneously before.

Curious, Cha Tae Hyun asks if the second film is a little risque, but Jang Hyuk denounces it saying only popular films are shown.

Si Eon explains to their younger brothers of how the second shown film is usually sensuous as Tae Hyun quips how people usually watch the second film in reality. He also shares how he paid $15 to watch the film Titanic when it was shown years ago.

Reminiscing their youth, they play a quick list game of Hong Kong films they loved as well as actors they look up in those years. Enjoying some drinks and hotteok, Jang Hyuk is engrossed watching A Better Tomorrow and keeps on babbling spoilers to his junior actors.

Jang Hyuk shares his transition to action movies and reveals how he almost go to a Shaolin temple to practice martial arts. Thankfully, Kim Soo Ro introduces him to a Jeet Kune Do center and has been training for a decade since then.

Lee Si Eon favorite clothing stall in high school

Next stop for the boys is Lee Si Eon’s Young Mi Fashion store at Gukje market. The character actor recounts how he used to buy clothing there when he was in high school. He would sit still on the floor until the owner gives him a discount.

After catching up with his youth’s favorite aunt, the group explore more of the stalls in the vast market and even bought souvenir bags they can use while traveling.

Meal game at Jagalchi market

Launching a quick game with yummy eels at stake, the Seoul Villagers compete for Busan comprehensive exam, with the Busan brothers betting on the winner that will lead them to “promised food”. Both Simon Dominic and Lee Si Eon rely on Lee Seung Gi with Jang Hyuk keeping loyalty to Cha Tae Hyun.

The race to three game asked trivia question about Busan as well as determining the correct Busan dialect. Finally, the winning point was scored by Lee Seung Gi by bringing in the most expensive fish they can find in the market.

Taking Cha Tae Hyun’s information about Sawedged perch, Lee Seung Gi proves his variety show skills sneaking in and getting the fish his hyung has been blabbing and looking for, when a vendor mentioned his store has it.

A tour at Busan refrigerated warehouse

Ultimately, Seung Gi wins the game sending the best buddies to another featured destination in the region. The two visit Busan refrigerated warehouse where they get to experience minus-20 and minus-50 degree celsius warehouses.

The warehouse staff explains how the local seafood items are stored in the place. They even spot frozen tuna and sharks. The show further highlighted that half of refrigerated warehouses in South Korea are in Busan.

5 to 6 million tons of seafood are housed in Busan refrigerated warehouse. This further proves that Busan is the backbone of Korea’s fishery industry.

Cha Tae Hyun and Jang Hyuk are given food by their juniors when they arrive at the warehouse. From there, the group goes for their final destination in Mandeok-dong.

Lee Si Eon’s dream Mandeok-dong tour

Last, on the group’s “explore Busan” tour is Lee Si Eon’s bucket list of going back to their neighborhood with Jang Hyuk. But Si Eon’s dream does not agree to his hyung’s empty stomach and depleted energy.

The staff honestly conveys that shooting the whole day is looking to be a problem. Panicking, Si Eon feels dejected that his bucket list might not be checked that day.

Suggesting for Si Eon to get a volunteer, the remaining members laugh hard as they are given a choice of continuing the tour with him or not. In the end, the four decided not to go, leaving him alone to reminisce his youth memories in his neighborhood.

Unknown to him, the team arranged a surprise, and in the end he sees Jang Hyuk hyung while resting at the neighborhood playground eating chicken.

A funny recreation of “A Better World” ensues as the two recollects bits of memories of the neighborhood from when they were young.

Next on Hometown Flex

Next destination of Hometown Flex is set on the city of culture and delicious food in Gwangju, South Jeolla province. TVXQ’s Yunho, Hong Jin Young and professional baseball player Kim Byung Hyun are set to flaunt their city.

Source: Viu | tvN YouTube channel

Photos: Screencaps from Viu

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