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Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun To Fight Night Demons In Period Zombie-Apocalypse Film – “Rampant”

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Sought after Hallyu actors Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun lead one of 2018’s highly anticipated films – Rampant.

Rampant is billed as a zombie-apocalypse film set in the Joseon period. It narrates the story of Prince Lee Chung (Hyun Bin) who is a political hostage in the Qing Empire. He is known to be skilled in martial arts and is summoned back to the palace by the Crown Prince because of a cryptic plague devastating the country.

Hyun Bin Rampant

Jang Dong Gun,who is also prepping up with small screen return for KBS adaptation of US series Suits, takes the role of Kim Ja Joon. He will join the warrior prince in vanquishing dark monsters for his goal to reform the Joseon dynasty. Rising actress Lee Sun Bin (Police Unit 38) joins the premiere actors as member of night demons hunters.


Orchestrating the grand scale historical fusion film is Director Kim Sung Hoon who has worked with Hyun Bin in Confidential Assignment. It will be distributed by Next Entertainment World which backed up zombie thriller flick Train to Busan.

The cast and crew express satisfaction of the hard work they endured after five months on the last day of their filming. Rampant promises heightened action scenes and extraordinary characters to look forward to.

Actor Hyun Bin said, “I have been shooting enthusiastically with all the staff and fellow actors for about five months. Although it’s hard to shoot due to the biting cold weather, I worked hard to make the best intense scenes possible. I hope that our effort will be fully communicated to the viewers”. Director Kim also thanked the cast and crew for their utmost diligence and effort in making Rampant.

In related comeback news, Hyun Bin is in talks to headline a romance drama with Park Shin Hye. He also teamed up with Son Ye Jin for crime flick Negotiation slated to be released this year. Jang Dong Gun has had a busy 2017 with movies V.I.P and Night of 7 years.

Rampant will show in theatres sometime this year.

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