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Hyun Bin To Possibly Headline New Romance Drama With Park Shin Hye

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Let the courting be joyful and successful to break Hyun Bin’s small screen hiatus!

We sure miss him in K-dramaland so if this Hyun Bin drama pushes through along the reported pairing with top actress Park Shin Hye, we will have a powerhouse spectacle to anticipate this 2018.

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Hyun Bin has been busy making films in the last two years, scoring successful 2017 blockbuster hits Confidential Assignment and The Swindlers. He also has two upcoming movies, which are scheduled for release this year – Negotiation and Rampant. His last drama was Hyde, Jekyll and Me.

SBS brewing drama Star of the Fox (working title) reunites PD Shin with Writer Kang whom he worked with in fantasy rom-com Gu Family Book. The director also helmed Hyun Bin’s classic favorite Secret Garden.

If Park Shin Hye agrees with the casting offer, it will be her comeback project since 2016 favorite medical romance drama Doctor Crush.

Flower of Angel Park Shin Hye Fun Meet and Concert, Doctors, My Dear, Pinocchio, The Heirs, Park Shin Hye

The still in-the-work publicized plot seems to take films eat-pray-love and me-before-you mash up sounding premise, between a man and a woman needing love and care to put back the pieces of their broken selves. We are trusting the ingenuity of the production team would create layered characters for viewers to easily empathize.

Star of the Fox is reportedly slated to air some time this year. Hopefully this star-studded venture will come true.



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