iKON To Become Production Directors For First Reality Show

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It has been a loving scenario for chart-topper group iKON!

After their chart-topping single “Love Scenario” swept the public with its catchy rhythm, iKON is now set to explore their creative side as production directors for iKON TV on April 21.

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iKON TV is the result of the fans’ clamor to the group’s agency, which Yang Hyun Suk then laid out activities for the group to grant the iconics’ wishes, including domestic events, new album, entertainment program guesting, fan meeting, and the culminating project of having the boys’ very own TV show.


The production crew of the new reality show announced that the members will become PDs, and produce an entire program, from planning, shooting and post-production work.

Each member will take turns to becoming the PD, and assign tasks to fellow members. The themes of the production may range from fun-oriented to artistically inspired items, depending on the unique taste and personality of the  respective iKON PD.

Debuted in 2015, the septet has been raking success from their second comeback album and sold-out overseas concerts.

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iKON TV will be broadcast at 10pm local time via YouTube and Naver LIVE.

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