Im Si Wan To Become Fixed Cast of “House on Wheels” Season 2 Replacing Yeo Jin Goo

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Actor Im Si Wan readies for a new entertainment venture as the fixed member of House on Wheels season 2!

tvN officials confirmed on February 4 that the actor will be joining Sung Dong Il and Kim Hee Won in the next season of the show, therefore replacing Yeo Jin Goo.

Im Si Wan House on Wheels

House on Wheels (directed by Kang Goong) is a reality program where the three actors travel across South Korea with a small moving house. They will invite special guests in their wheeled house to stay a night or two. The front yard changes each episode in various places — mountain sceneries, beach vistas or breathtaking valleys.

Its first season, which aired in June last year, received lots of love from viewers as it provides satisfaction and hope to people having the difficulties purchasing a house.

In particular, actors such as Gong Hyo Jin, Um Tae Goo, and IU, who rarely appear in entertainment shows, became one of its star-studded guests.

As evidenced by the favorable reviews, House on Wheels Season 1 recorded its highest viewership rating of 6.1% (nationwide household rating / cable channel / provided by Nielsen Korea).

In addition to that, the news of Im Si Wan joining House on Wheels sparks anticipation for its upcoming season. Particularly, Kim Hee Won and Im Si Wan had previously worked together in the drama Misaeng and movie The Merciless.

Following the previous season, fans are getting curious on the chemistry of Sung Dong Il and Kim Hee Won with the newest member Im Si Wan.

PD Kang Goong, director of House on Wheels, said, “Due to his conflict of schedule, Yeo Jin Goo, who gave joy to the viewers as youngest among the three brothers, won’t be joining this season.”

Expressing his gratitude to the new member Im Si Wan, PD Kang Goong shared, “I am grateful for the willingness of actor Im Si Wan to become a fixed member of the Season 2. In House on Wheels 2, you will be able to witness the unique passion and freshness of actor Si Wan.”

In related news, Im Si Wan starred as a model sprinter in the recent-concluded drama Run On with actress Shin Se Kyung.

House on Wheels Season 2 will greet viewers in the first half of this year.

Watch the Season 1 on Viu.

Source: OSEN

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