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Infinite Challenge Surprises Couples at Their Wedding

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Infinite Challenge surprised unsuspecting couples with unique wedding song performances!


As part of the wedding singers special of Infinite Challenge, on the May 21 episode, the ‘Wedding Boys’ made up of Kwanghee, Lee Joon and CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa, visited the wedding of a high school teacher. She was nominated by her students and unsuspectingly won the honor of listening to these three dashing singers on her wedding day. The wedding guests broke into cheers and screams, as the boys turned around one by one and started singing.

Haha and his wife Byul travelled to Busan to surprise another couple, where the bride’s father is terminally ill, but still attended his daughter’s wedding enduring the pain. The bride was really surprised, and for long moments couldn’t hide her tears and shock. The celebrity couple broke into tears while watching the wedding ceremony.

What would you do if Korean celebrities suddenly turned up on your wedding?

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