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IU Teams Up With Park Seo Joon In Upcoming Film “Dream”

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Collaborating for the first time, IU and Park Seo Jun prep up for an exciting movie project.

They will be working with Director Lee Byung Hun who worked on 2019’s highest-grossing film, Extreme Job.

Titled Dream, the movie takes the delightful story of a team of people vying to join Homeless World Cup. The latter is an annual international soccer event.

Leading the team is the character that Park Seo Joon will portray. Meanwhile, IU takes on her first ever female lead in a movie.

In the film IU portrays a sincere and brave character who passionately supports the team. More details to her role are yet to be released.

Brilliant in music, Lee Ji Eun has been carving her career as an actress in a remarkable way. Since her acting debut in Dream High (2011), her recent works in the past two years have brought her to surging fame.

Her roles in My Mister and Hotel Del Luna have achieved impressive viewership ratings and numerous awards and recognitions.

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Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon last worked on film The Divine Fury and is set to make her drama comeback with Itaewon Class.

Attracting film goers’ attention, Dream is slated for screening in 2020.

Source: Sports Chosun

IU and Park Seo Joon