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Jang Dong Min Allows Girlfriend Navi To Snap A Picture With Zico Under One Condition

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Navi is a fan of Zico!

On the March 24 episode of Happy Together 3, three pair of best friends were guests on the show, including; Navi and Kim Young Hee, Zico and Choi Taejoon, MC Gree and Shin Dongwoo.

Navi seemed excited to record with Zico as she asked the hosts: ‘How long is the recording today? I want to do it longer.’ She then further revealed that she shares the same name as Zico, saying ‘I have the same name with Zico. My real name is Jiho.’ Zico’s real name is Woo Jiho while hers is Ahn Jiho.

Host Yoo Jaesuk quickly asked if it was alright for Jang Dong Min to see his girlfriend fan-girling. The singer revealed that her boyfriend gave her the green light to take a photo with Zico, under one condition – she has to maintain a distance of 15cm with him when photos are taken. The odd request garnered laughter from the guests.

The show then revealed the photos of Kim Young Hee and Navi with Zico as comparison.


Spot the distance difference between Kim Young Hee (L) and Navi!

A little back story of why the condition was imposed – Navi actually had a small fight with Jang Dong Min after praising Zico’s coolness on an episode of Happy Together 3.

Check out the hilarious moment for yourself in the video below, from the 30.20 mark:

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