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Ji Chang Wook is the ‘King of Action’ in a New Video Released for Fabricated City

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A Very Intense Ji Chang Wook!

CJ Entertainment recently released photos and an action-packed video of Ji Chang Wook in his first lead role crime-action film, ‘Fabricated City.’

Ji Chang Wook, Fabricated City

CJ Entertainment

In the video, we can see the actor in intense shootout and fight scenes that are very risky in nature. He was doing his own stunts.  The actor reportedly enrolled in an action school in preparation for the filming.

Ji Chang Wook, Fabricated City

(photo credits: CJ Entertainment)

A production staff from the movie mentioned that Ji was very much into his character during filming.  “He really put himself in the film, no matter how difficult the scenes got.”

Watch the intense action video here.

Ji Chang Wook, Fabricated City

(photo credits: CJ Entertainment)

‘Fabricated City’ premiered in Korea on Feb 9. It is a certified local box office hit with a record of nearly 2.1 million moviegoers since its release as of writing. The film will apparently premiere in 31 cities overseas, too.



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