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Ji Chang Wook To Appear On Variety Show “The Fisherman And The City”

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Ji Chang Wook makes his first entertainment program guesting through The Fisherman and the City.

Ready to cast his fishing pole, Ji Chang Wook embarks on a fishing trip on the 91st episode of The Fisherman and the City.

Ji Chang Wook

A variety show from Channel A, the TV program features veteran actor Lee Duk Hwa, veteran entertainer Lee Sung Kyu and comedienne Jang Do Yeon traveling all over Korea to find the best fishing spot while taking time to heal with its spontaneous script.

Departing from Incheon, the City Fisherman mainstays and Ji Chang Wook make memories for the actor’s first fishing adventure. In the released video teaser, the actor was shown on a streak with his catch even when he is a fishing newbie. Even the boat captain, relayed happiness on an auspicious fishing trip ahead.

Excitement runs for Lee Kyung Gyu since he snatched an 800-year old crab from the same place last year. Meanwhile, Lee Duk Hwa looks forward to his junior actor’s guesting, as he wants to get a good catch so he can treat him with it.

In return to his senior’s shower of love, Ji Chang Wook gifted them with his cooking and singing skills. Additionally, he kept his focus and strength amidst the thirteen hours they spent on the fishing adventure.

The 91st episode of The Fisherman and the City will be available on Channel A on May 30 at 11 p.m.