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Ji Jin Hee Partners With PD Yoo For Upcoming KBS Variety Show

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You read it right. Actor Ji Jin Hee is going with freestyle acting for a new project with KBS.

The celebrated actor who is famous for being a poster boy of period K-drama kings recently wrapped up the successful thrilling melodrama, Misty.

Ji Jin Hee, Yoo Ho Jin

He will work with PD Yoo Ho Jin who is famous for reviving the classic variety show’s 1 Night 2 Days glory. He also co-directed time slip drama The Best Hit with actor Cha Tae Hyun.

This new addition is set to solidify the current trend dominating the variety show world, which has seen successful airing of programs that encourage peaceful leaving, human interaction, and traveling.

According to KBS broadcast official, the entertainment program prepared by PD Yoo aims to engage the viewers by exploring in-depth experiences with the surroundings to enable the appreciation of the beauty of mother nature.

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