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Jung Hae In Shares New York’s Night View To His Parents For His Upcoming Variety Show

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As an actor with a known “good boy” image, Jung Hae In draws more excitement to his upcoming KBS variety show.

정해인의 걸어보고서 Jung Hae In’s Walking Report (literal translation), takes the concept of a reality show with travel documentary elements. Journeying on foot, the actor is joined by his best friends Eun Jong Geun and Lim Hyun Soo exploring New York.

Jung Hae In's Walking Report

In the released episode teaser, Jung is shown visiting the observation deck of the Empire State Building. The actor exclaims that New York’s best landmark is the grandest and most overwhelming landscape he has ever seen.

While enjoying the scenery, Jung Hae In thinks of his parents. Feeling happy to share the moment, the actor gives a glimpse of his parents fine appearance. Dotingly, the son shows off the picturesque setting to his mother and father.

The quick teaser hints the warm family Jung Hae In has. Thus, further heightening excitement to the actor’s first venture in an entertainment show in anticipation of more of his candid sides that will be unveiled.

In related news, Jung is set to score his second film this year through Ignition. It is slated for December 18 screening and he stars with Ma Dong Seok, Park Jung Min and Yum Jung Ah. Thereafter, his follow up drama, Half of a Half, commences filming in 2020. Challenging the role of an AI programmer, his love pairing with Chae Soo Bin is eagerly-awaited.

Additionally, he bagged another popular actor award in the recently concluded London East Asia Film Festival 2019.

More of New York’s spectacular night view will be featured on Jung Hae In’s Walking Report. It will be broadcast on December 3 at 10Pm on KBS2 TV.

Source: iMBC

Image Credit: KBS

Jung Hae In

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