K-Drama Review: “About Time” Departs With Honest Life Lessons & Hopeful Atmosphere

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The roller coaster experience from the start of About Time evens out as it comes to its conclusion.

About Time has been consistent in delivering the relatable bitterness of life paired with the mystical strings of fate just like any other romantic drama. What sets it apart from other fantasy-romance themed stories is the staggering character development that draws viewers to root for their happy endings.

Halfway in the series, the significance of the life clocks was layered as it controls the decisions of  the heroine and how it affects the people around her. Nevertheless, when the story reaches the bottom without attempts to kindle its dragging progression, the series was saved by the final episode, wrapping the drama up in a nice little albeit weak ending.

TITLE: About Time
THEME: Fantasy Romance
LENGTH: 16 Episodes
BROADCAST DATE: 21 May 2018 – 10 July 2018
MAIN LEADS: Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Sang Yoon
HIGHLIGHTS:  Progressive Character Developments, Engaging Love Pairing
OH NO MOMENT: Vaguely Explained Plot, Rushed Ending
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Progressive Character Developments

Each of the characters has their own life lesson to impart. Bae Subong realizes that love cannot be forced out and to truly love person, you must first learn to love yourself and life will run its course. Jae Yoo grows up to be independent as he serves as a representation of millenials who have been victims of praise and accolades at a young age only to be thrusted into the real, brutal world. He also realizes the value of love as an emotion he could actually feel and that it could actually be real.

About Time
Sunghee and Wijin serve as people at opposite sides of the spectrum, but when they come together, instead of clashing, they balance each other out. They learn from each other as Sunghee becomes more fun-loving and carefree and Wijin regains more responsibility despite his immature ways. Although their chemistry only blossoms at the last episode, seeing them together will leave a smile on everyone’s face. It is also worth noting that Mika and Wijin’s mom breaks the strong woman stereotype which Korean moms always have. She rises from her own weaknesses and proves that she is only a late bloomer when it comes to reality.

About Time

Engaging Love Pairing

Doha has been uniformly portraying the love struck hero ever since he realizes that he could control Mika’s clocks and because of his love, he has become more reckless as he chooses to sacrifice his time in exchange for Mika’s life. Nevertheless, he shows how he has developed from a self-centered, business minded CEO to a warm, kind-hearted man, ready to take big leaps as he lives his life to the fullest with Mika by his side.

About Time
Letting her fears get to her, it is about time Mika realizes that life is supposed to be celebrated rather than feared. As she makes the mistake to accept death, she escapes the happiness of life living as a walking skeleton. Towards the end, losing her ability makes her reminisce about the times when her talent has resulted her fully enjoy life’s moments more, but nevertheless, the uncertainty of life is a lesson she has accepted.


About Time portrayed that time is indeed gold although it seemed like the ending was rushed, and the plot were merely fillers pieced together to work with each other. The series bottomed out and almost became flat until the 16th episode. There was always uncertainty hanging around in the drama’s atmosphere – where you don’t know if things will get better or not, and the constant pessimistic actions of Mika at the latter half bring justice to that. Nevertheless, they still made viewers wonder about the mystery that revolves around the life clocks of each of the characters.


The characters’ intertwined destinies made the statement of loving those around you more imperative – more than anything else. The series accurately depicts real problems existing right now in each and every person’s lives making it more relatable. Watching this drama will feel like a long hardship ending where things only get better at the end. If you’re afraid to live your life to the fullest, About Time may be able to persuade you to enjoy life’s limitless possibilities.