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K-Drama Premiere: “Black Knight” Kim Rae Won Braves Odds For His Damsel Shin Se Kyung

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Black Knight begins to a veiled glimpse of what to expect in the story by showing hints of fantasy, sprinkles of romance, and enchanting thrills.

Black Knight

Black Knight gives off a grandiose air and mysterious aura, enhanced by soothing music in the background of a whimsical romantic tale.

It is reminiscent of Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea combined in terms of the mood and setting.  So, I hope the unfurling of the narrative will sway different from the classic supernatural-romance K-dramas mentioned.

Staged in Slovenia, the picturesque landscape is perfect for quintessential Korean love story, which usually involves fated love yet challenged by difficulties.

What caught my attention initially is the fitting melody complementing the fantasy and emotional frames of the opening week. With powerhouse cast to move in the narrative, I trust that it will not disappoint at the very least.

Black Knight

Pilot Week Recap

Jung Hae Ra (Shi Se Kyung) is in the brink of losing her mind for recent unfortunate events she encountered. She finds out that her boyfriend is a fraud and her aunt uses her apartment’s deposit money to purchase a rundown house. Feeling desperate of her situation, she lays down on a bench seeing a montage of her life.

When a vision of her younger self wearing a coat appears, Hae Ra figures how her life has changed because of that coat from her parents which she never received. She heads to look for the tailor shop and meets Sharon (Seo Ji Hye), who gives her the coat and generously offers to drive her home. On their way home, Sharon offers a problem-free life for Hae Ra. In exchange Sharon will assume her identity.

Remnants of what happened last night wake up Hae Ra. At that moment, she notices the red coat hanging on her chair. When she gets to work, she is spared from a stomachache outbreak from a dish in the cafeteria which ran out when it was her turn for picking the lunch food. An urgent business errand forces Hae Ra to fly to Slovenia where she is also tasked to convince a famous photographer to work with their company.

Hae Ra mistakenly approaches Moon Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won) when she spots him taking photographs. Soo Ho who has a past connection with her is surprised to see the woman he has been longing to see again right before his very eyes. They travel around while taking pictures of the city. When she gets back in the tour company’s apartment, she learns that she got the wrong person. The next day, she receives a present from Soo Ho apologizing for the confusion. He tells her that they will meet again soon.

Black Knight

Soo Ho who is set to have a business deal in South Korea finds Hae Ra sleeping inside his castle when she missed the closing time of the gate while exploring the huge dwelling. When she wakes up the next day, Soo Ho sits her down for breakfast and formally gives details about himself. Remembering a warning she received to avoid a new person she would meet, she distances herself and declines his offer to drive her to the airport.

Back in Korea, Hae Ra’s aunt advised that they will move to a new residence while the house they bought is being renovated by a private company. They meet the owner of the house who turns out to be Soo Hoo.

Black Knight

While Kim Rae Won’s Black Knight immersion pulled me in right away, the initial sketch of the story appears chaotic. It might probably be the quick taste of supernatural twist that was meant to be layered fully in the succeeding episodes.

It gives a serene romantic trance and urges the viewers’ imagination to run wild on the metaphysical rules which will incorporate in the trajectory. Black Knight chose to give little of what to expect, yet it drew enough reasons for audience to stay tuned.

Black Knight is KBS’s finale midweek drama for 2017.

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