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K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Lawless Lawyer” Maintains The Gritty Narrative

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It’s mid-series catch-up for Lawless Lawyer!

Lawless Lawyer impressed us with its seamless opening week so it’s time to visit how far the story has evolved. From its pilot week, it superbly reeled viewers with its clear presentation of its trajectory and complications.

One unambiguous conflict plus precise hero-villain showdown make Lawless Lawyer a thrilling crime drama that does not suffer with pointless plot insertion and indecisive characters. The airtight narration consistently conforms to the shifting of the plot bends.

Lawless Lawyer





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The first eight chapters move to the hero’s preparations of avenging the death of his mother who was killed by the order of her friend. Bong Sang Pil (Lee Jun Ki) goes back to his hometown and finds his enemies even more stronger than before.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji), the daughter of the woman who gave him a chance to live, learns about the painful truth about her mother’s disappearance. Judge Cha Moon Sook, whom she highly thinks of, is the apparent mastermind who called the shots for the unfortunate fate of her mother as well as Sang Pil’s.

Lawless Lawyer

The two successfully defend Wu Hyung Man, who was the detective commissioned by An Oh Ju to kill Sang Pil, his mother and Jae Yi’s mother. But the police officer eventually died in the hands of An Oh Ju who succeeds the mayor’s position of Kiseong.

Jae Yi’s mother, who was assumed dead, was actually let to survive by Wu Hyung Man. She returns to Korea after staying in Thailand for 18 years to protect her family. She conspires with Bong Sang Pil’s uncle for the plan to help their family to take down the villains. The prosecutor, who sent Sang Pil to jail when he was younger, also enters into the story with the goal of catching the web of crimes happening in the city.

The mid cliff-hanger sends the hero to an emotional limbo as his uncle was used by An Oh Ju as a trump card by framing Sang Pil as the murderer of Choi Tae Woong after the villain abducted, drugged, and left him weakly suspended from a high building.

What I like about Lawless Lawyer is how it has set a proper story goal when it kicked off. From there, it neatly unravels the back stories needed to resolve the main conflict with stellar icy verbal spats of the disputing characters.

The formidable opponents have made the viewers root for the successful end game given the painstaking journey of the protagonists.

Love has also bloomed between Sang Pil and Jae Yi through their shared pain and goal. But that same romance might turn to a liability as the antagonists act no holds barred as long as it feeds their greed and ambitions.

The war has been declared crossing the middle point of the narrative. The emotional blow of his uncle’s death is an essential pivotal growth for the hero’s character.

We are glad to report that Lawless Lawyer heads to a sane trajectory approaching the surge to culminating points of the story. It banks on the solid portrayals of the lead cast and the facile story thread of crime and its deserving punishment.

Lawless Lawyer will hit its finale episode on July 1 via tvN.

Lawless Lawyer

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