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K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “The Beauty Inside” Consistently Flows Albeit Predictable Tempo

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Crossing the halfway mark of the series, The Beauty Inside looks polished and orderly as you watch it each week, yet your heart does not skip a beat with its story’s pace.

While Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin look good on the screen together, the romance, which had bloomed between their characters past the middle point of the series, felt spontaneously planned, hence it felt less satisfying.

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The Beauty Inside

But working on the individual character development of the love pairing is the main merit of the story so far. It is not relying on bombarding staged sweet frames.

Instead it is banking on making the back stories and emotional sketching for the main leads to run deeper, to draw perhaps a more gratifying love journey.

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The Beauty Inside

Connecting the main characters right off the opening curtain, The Beauty Inside pictured the curious situation of a man and a woman who will fall in love in the story.

Their peculiar scenario involves Han Se Gye (Seo Hyun Jin), a top actress, who changes her face for a week period once a month, while Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki), a son from a rich household, is hiding his facial recognition problem to protect his position in the company.

Behind the glitz and glamour she enjoyed, Se Gye has been often castigated for her disappearing acts owing to her sudden transformations that does not specify a trigger. When she helps Do Jae closed a deal, a series of encounters results them to become even closer, eventually leading them to mutually realize that they like each other.

The Beauty Inside

By this time, jTBC’s romantic comedy has not established what major conflict it will focus on. We have seen personal struggles of the main cast, but they do not add weight so far in the narrative.

The second half of the story needs to up its game if it will lean on light and fluffy or genuine yet emotional romance. Hints of playful or unexpected melodies may not hurt as well, to break the calculated flow of the narrative.

Nothing surprising or amazing has been set yet by The Beauty Inside. Given its high-concept premise and the talent of the cast, it is kind of disappointing.

The Beauty Inside will air its remaining eight episodes every Monday and Tuesday on jTBC.

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