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K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “The Third Charm” Keeps The Magic Rolling Through Relatable Love Story

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It’s hard not to check on Joon Young and Young Jae’s love story each week on The Third Charm.

Taking the genuine path of presenting real-life romance, The Third Charm somehow turned the viewers to instant invisible friends of Seo Kang Joon and Esom in empathizing their characters’ viewpoints as they work on the relationship they are into.

The Third Charm

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From the premiere week, we know the reunion is bound to picture a romance with that one-side-loves-more premise.

Interestingly it is the hero who does it, and that’s what making the series even more endearing.

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The Third Charm made us all settle in the story, because of its smart incorporation of what real life romance conflicts are – misunderstandings, differences and pride.

Relatable kiss-and-make-up scenarios have also been a dominant nuance, which made the romance hook of the series engaging.

A deviation from the typical push-and-pull K-drama plot we have been used to in the recent years.

The Third Charm

Seo Kang Joon is adoring us with his all-loving-easy-to-get-jealous boyfriend of Esom’s character Young Jae. His cute love-driven emotional breakdowns, coupled with Esom’s feisty-yet-yielding attitude, fuel the comic and feel-good vibe of the series.

That being said, the reversal of romantic roles for the love pairing is spurring the addictive drive of the narrative.

The Third Charm

Hints of how the love couple have contrasting personalities eventually causing the mini conflicts, are proving to be strategically laid out, to prepare for an inevitable second break of the romance.

Our fearless breakup forecast for the lead couple in the next episodes springs from calibrating to the projected “it has always been you” journey for the love couple. Hence, a third chance for them to realize they are meant for each other is expected.

The last eight episodes of The Third Charm airs on jTBC every Friday and Saturday.

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