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K-Drama Premiere: “Witch’s Court” Delightfully Entertains While Maintaining Legal Drama Grit

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Not too emotionally heavy and trendy, Witch’s Court shows off how courtroom drama should be done.

Witch's Court

Witch’s Court captivated my attention among the slew of Korean dramas that aired this week due to its interesting focus and mischievously cheeky heroine.

Jung Ryu Won (Bubblegum) and Yoon Hyun Min (Tunnel) are the newest additions to the prosecutor class of 2017. Unlike the rest of the courtroom dramas which aired this year, Witch’s Court targets cases involving harassment.

Witch's Court

Ma Yi Deum (Jung Ryu Won) has built an infamous reputation by standing up against her superior and asserting popularity to cases she has diligently worked on. Her ruckus caused her to be transferred to a team which any ambitious prosecutor would not want to be part of – the Crime Against Women Unit.

Adding up to her trouble is a new psychiatrist-turned-prosecutor Yeo Jin Wook (Yoon Hyun Min) whom she thought to be a pervert, but turns out to be her new landlord. In contrast to her gloomy mood, the newbie prosecutor is happy to work with unit chief Min Ji Sook, who has valiantly upheld the law regarding abuse.

Unbeknownst to Yi Deum, Prosecutor Min is the person whom her mother was supposed to meet years ago before she vanished.

Witch's Court

I like that there seems to be no varying cases to be investigated on-screen for Witch’s Court since they draw a line on women-related abuse proceedings they will work on. It will make the initial conflict presented about the heroine’s mother being a key witness to a high profile harassment case cohering, as they tackle the succeeding sub-conflicts which will tie up the loose ends of the initial problem.

The prickly lead girl matches well to the composed hero so their on-screen chemistry is something to watch for due to the evident reversal of roles.

Witch's CourtWitch's Court

Bravely kicking off the narrative with a female rapist case, I hope the show will promise to delve on conflicts based on the crimes they probe rather than settling on the exhausting dark politics of the prosecutors’ office which we are already familiar with since day one of this year. It looks like we will have amazing courtroom showdowns based on the cunning lawyer-villains introduced.

Our opening week verdict?  Definitely worth adding to your K-Drama weekly watch list!


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