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K-Drama Premiere: “Doubtful Victory” Dashes To A Mysterious Prison Break Story

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Doubtful Victory drops a cryptic and thrilling prison drama about a death row convict-turned-fraud-detective.

Doubtful Victory

Doubtful Victory taps Yoon Kyun Sang to take the role of a prisoner on a death penalty, who takes the identity of a police officer for SBS year-end offering.

An insurgent prisoner who infiltrated the police force is something interesting for a K-Drama plot. That reason justified the sleek opening week for Doubtful Victory, which impressed me right away with how the story’s pacing matched the polished editing.  It created a bulls’ eye hook for viewers like me, who love detective stories.

The explosive beginning of Doubtful Victory made sense when I checked on the brain behind it. PD Shin Kyung Soo who helmed edifying dramas Six Flying Dragons, Three Days and Tree With Deep Roots made sure that his new project’s opening salvo will not disappoint.

Doubtful Victory

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Pilot Week Recap

Death row convict Oh Il Seung (Yoon Kyun Sang) serves prison time with sworn brother Tak Ji after they got framed on a high-profile murder case which involves a prosecutor 10 years ago. When their annoying psycho cellmate hints on coveting Tak Ji’s sister, Il Sung figures a way to escape the penitentiary so that he can warn his friend’s sister.  He advises Tak Ji that he is planning to go out thru the solitary cell secret passage which he deduced from their fellow inmate.

But he accidentally witnesses a corpse being dragged by two men who chase after him. He luckily escapes by driving the car with the dead man in the trunk.

Il Sung alerts the police of a possible abduction by using himself as a bait to push for the police protection. But the released rapist finds his target Cha Eun Bi while pretending to be a detective.  He brings her to the rooftop of an abandoned building as he creepily sings while watching her drown inside a water tank.

Il Seung learns that the dead man inside the car’s trunk is a police officer. He pretends to be the deceased so  that he can join Lieutenant Jin Jin Young (Jung Hye Sung) in trailing the psycho’s getaway vehicle. They spot the car and search the building until Il Sung lures the psycho to come out, revealing where he brought his victim.

Jin Young accidentally realizes that Il Sung is a police impostor but his quick hands snatches Jin Young’s gun, buying him time to save the drowning victim and escape the scene.

Doubtful Victory

Il Sung races through time to arrive at his cell before the scheduled roll call, but a police officer halts him due to the broken trunk of the car. The two men chasing him for witnessing their crime bump the police’ vehicle, saving Il Seung on his situation.

Il Sung takes the solitary cell’s escape route again on the next day to drag the dead detective to an area where he can be located by the police. He advises Tak Ji who is released after 10 years that day to call Jin Young for the location of the police corpse. He gets back into his cell but is knocked down by a mysterious man.

The police arrive at the location spotting a man sprawled on the ground. When they call for an ambulance, the presumed dead man regains consciousness, revealing Il Sung’s face.

Doubtful Victory

Yes, we got a promising hello from Doubtful Victory just when I thought that the last month of 2017 would be low key. SBS’s latest crime drama looks positive in sealing a defining story to end the year with a bang.

Doubtful Victory is set to run 40 episodes every Monday and Tuesday until January next year.



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