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K-Drama Premiere: “Partners For Justice” Brags Valiant Cast & Enthralling Plot

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With legal drama being a constant cloudburst in k-dramaland, you would be surprised how Investigation Couple baits with its intriguing blend.

The in-depth look on how forensic scientist and prosecutors work to unravel crimes and cases condenses MBC’s Investigation Couple.

Investigation Couple

At its opening launch, Jung Jae Young (Duel) dons the pride of an experienced actor as a skilled yet aloof forensic expert, who conducts autopsy reporting needed for existing legal indictment. He slides in to his character with conviction that viewers would be enamored to unravel his back story.

Jung Yu Mi (Bravo My Life) and Park Eun Suk (Rebel) represent the prosecutor team of the main cast. The former being the female lead needs to step up her game, owing to how her optimistic prosecutor persona felt tepid and indiscriminate on her first outing.

Investigation Couple

Lee Yi Kyung (Eulachacha Waikiki) brings in the quirks that he is known for in his detective role, while Stephanie Lee (Second To Last Love) charms as a toxin specialist working closely with amusing interaction to the stoic male lead.

Investigation Couple threads on exciting legal battles with shady entangled crimes on the side as reflected by its kick off episodes.

Investigation Couple

Pilot Week Recap

Newbie prosecutor Eun Seol (Jung Yu Mi) cheerfully greets her career beginning in high spirits, meeting the staff whom she would be working with.

She is tasked with a high-profile case involving a woman deemed to have been murdered by her volatile rich husband. She crosses path with Baek Bum (Jung Jae Young), the forensic expert who will handle the autopsy when she carelessly tampers the crime scene by touching the dead body.

Investigation Couple

Assault is ruled out as the cause of death at the first trial as supported by the autopsy report, which reveals accidental poison to be the likely cause of death. But Eun Seol bargains time to prove the crime. When she looks for her spare shoes in the office drawer, she realizes that her shoes can be used as a piece of evidence. She brings it to the National Forensic Service office to be analyzed.

On the second day of the trial, the defendant pleads to remain silent, but Eun Sol attacks the defendant with the paternity result of the embryo that died with the victim.

Awaiting the result of the fingerprint that could point the defendant as the culprit who powdered the toxic capsule, Baek Bum arrives to reveal that the defendant is not guilty of the murder. But it was the dead victim who staged it, out of spite to her evil husband, who has frequently battered her.

Investigation Couple

Pilot Week Verdict

Courtroom dramas stimulates well with additional dimension that won’t circle on the predicted cases to be tackled. As such, going side by side with the world of forensic science adds flavor to Investigation Couple‘s legal drama premise.

The attention to incorporate scientific ideas to the legal case depicted is commendable along with the nicely paced narrative. Exploring the key points about forensic science would be the drawing factor for this drama.

Investigation Couple airs on MBC every Monday and Tuesday.

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