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K-Drama Premiere: “Lawless Lawyer” Vaunts A Dauntless Lee Joon Gi & Dynamic Narrative

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To say that the opening salvo of Lawless Lawyer is jam-packed is an understatement.

Seamlessly parading the scenario of where the story is heading, Lawless Lawyer leaps to one of the best and well-conceived premiere weeks that I have seen so far this year.

Lawless Lawyer Lee Jun Ki

Viewers would have kind of expected a solid launch given the mixture of the talented actors and the showrunners, but it surely exceeds the expectations.

Pilot Week Recap

All his life Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) waits for the day that he can return to his hometown for his premeditated plan of avenging his mother’s death, who was killed right in front of him.

18 years ago, his mother, who was a lawyer, got entangled to a case which led to her demise. But her mother was able to bid time for him to escape the evil claw of the gangsters’s leadet Ahn Oh Joo (Choi Min Soo), who is taking orders from their lady boss to kill them completely.

Little Sang Pil seeks the help of a detective, who is apparently an ally of the thugs. Because he swallowed the memory card that her mother protected with her life, he is held hostage by the detective. He bravely takes an attempt to escape his captor by biting his arm, causing a roadside accident for the vehicle. A wounded woman saves him by holding onto the detective, and urges him to run for his life.

Lee Jun Ki


Sang Pil presents himself to his mother’s brother, who is a gang boss. He is taken in, and fulfills his promised dream to his mother of becoming a lawyer. After gaining experiences and drawing out his revenge plan, he goes back to his hometown Giseong, stronger to confront the people who killed his mother. He settles on his mother’s old office space, and hires the loan sharks, who were initially running business in the office to be his lackeys.

He orders them to pressure a local photo studio store to pay the overdue loan, with the intention of luring the owner’s daughter Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) into meeting him. He offers her a job to pay her father’s debts, and they target a high-profile case involving the mayor’s death.

Jae Yi, who is suspended after punching a judge, agrees to the proposal, and they work on convincing the defendant to ditch the top caliber lawyer representing him so that they can take over.

Lawless Lawyer

The defendant refuses to bite the offer so Sang Pil drops his ace card, and reveals his connection to the bite mark in his arm. The defendant, who has been framed by Oh Joo, is on the same circle with the lawyer and Judge Cha Moon Sook (Lee Hye Young), who is the mastermind of the shady group controlling the city of Giseong.

The same judge is Jae Yi’s role model, but unbeknownst to her, the mother she lost suffered the same fate as Sang Pil’s mother in the hands of the Judge Cha, who is pretending to be a righteous person. Also, the woman who gave Sang Pil a second chance to live is Jae Yi’s mother.

On the day of the trial, Oh Joo commands Sang Pil’s nemesis to stop him from attending the trial by taking Jae Yi as a hostage. He tells his minions to drag the time, and rescues his manager with his killer 1 vs a-lot-of villains fight. They arrive to a chaotic courtroom caused by Sang Pil’s rowdy minions, and he meets the eyes of the woman he is intent to take down.

Lawless Lawyer


Pilot Week Verdict

Lawless Lawyer superbly reels viewers with its clear presentation of its trajectory and complications.

It whirls on the standard good-versus-evil note, and it is made even more polished with its airtight narration.

Lawless Lawyer

The hinted focal conflict excites, while the unveiling of character motivations is stimulating. The lead couple is picture perfect with their fired up performances. The showdown to the shrewd villains is to be anticipated. For the loyal Lee Joon Gi fans, it will be a precious small screen gift.

Considering the gritty and dark crime setting ahead, tvN’s latest offering certainly pitches a drama worth watching.

Lawless Lawyer takes the weekend spot on tvN.

All photos are from tvN.

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