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K-Drama Premiere: “Love Alert” Brings Heart-Fluttering Moments With Leads’ Great Chemistry Albeit Its Simple Storyline

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MBN’s newest drama, Love Alert delivers classic rom-com feels that will surely excite fans of this genre.

Yoon Eun Hye is back in the small screen with the kind of drama that suits her well – romantic comedy. Love Alert is about a top actress who got embroiled in a love scandal and a well-liked dermatologist who detests love. Yoon Eun Hye plays the female lead opposite actor Chun Jung Myung.

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Sounds cliché? Yes, it does, however, the chemistry between the two leads is enough for viewers to overlook the ordinary plot.

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Pilot Week Recap

Yoon Yoo Jung (Yoon Eun Hye) is in France to receive her Best Actress trophy together with her agency’s CEO and co-stars. Upon their return to Korea, she and co-star Hwang Jae Min (Choi Jung Won) share a sweet moment at the airport. At the same time, Doctor Cha Woo Hyun passes by them and is unaware that the paparazzi has taken pictures.

In the parking lot, Yoo Jung can’t seem to part with Hwang Jae Min, her secret boyfriend, without giving a hug and finger hearts. Her CEO, Han Jae Kyung sees them and asks if they are dating. Yoo Jung says that since they have worked together in movies and dramas consecutively, the finger hearts are a given. She reprimands her and tells her to reject Jae Min if he is to make any advances. Jae Kyung warns her about rumors surrounding Jae Min. Yoo Jung placates her with a casual “Okay”.

Meanwhile, Jae Min hugs a woman who hands him a key to a brand-new car as a birthday present. As they are hugging each other, Cha Woo Hyun (Chun Jung Myung) and his mother show up. The woman is Lee Jeong Ran, Woo Hyun’s patient. She greets them and introduces Jae Min as her boyfriend. Woo Hyun’s mother recognizes the actor and Woo Hyun also remembers him.

At the hospital, Woo Hyun meets Kang Hye Joo, the woman her mother set him up with. He immediately tells her he is not interested. An injured student arrives, and Woo Hyun dismisses her. Yoo Jung goes to the same clinic to get treatment for her shoulder. The clinic staff offers her a discount which she politely refuses. The mother of the injured student forgets her wallet at home and tells the staff she will come back to pay for her daughter’s bill. Yoo Jung overhears the staff doubting the mother’s words and comes up to them. She suggests she will pay for the bill but the mother declines and leaves. She still pays for it and proceeds with her treatment.

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On her way, she hears two ladies talking about her work and rumors about her dating experience. She feels embarrassed when they say she is the type men get tired of easily. She shrugs it off. After treatment she mulls over the conversation she heard. She recalls the words uttered by the men she previously dated, all of which are pure complaints.

When it is time to leave the hospital, she requests Doctor Cha Woo Hyun to be her attending physician when she comes back. She heard the doctors’ discussion earlier and she admires his conviction. The staff wants to introduce her to him, but she receives a phone call from Jae Min.

A reporter and photographer are on a stake out at Jae Min’s house. At that moment Yoo Jung is inside and having a conversation with Jae Min. She gives him a birthday gift and Jae Min is disappointed to see it is a watch. He compares the gifts he received from the two ladies and decides to break things off with Yoo Jung. However, she shares that she is happy whenever they are together, and she is sorry that they can’t even go out on a proper date. He wavers and as they are about to kiss the doorbell rings.

Yoo Jung hides in the curtains as Woo Hyun inspects the house he is about to purchase. The reporter and cameraman take a picture of this moment.

While on a date with Jae Min, she mistakenly gets inside Woo Hyun’s car. She thinks he is a stalker and refuses to get out. As she looks around, she realizes her mistake and apologizes immediately. Woo Hyun pretends not to know her and asks if she is a singer. She tells him she is not, and her agency will compensate him for any inconvenience.

Woo Hyun’s father visits him and reprimands him for refusing to date Kang Hye Joo. His father says he will come to him and eventually accept the offer to be his father’s successor. Woo Hyun says it will never happen.

The reporter publishes the article about Yoo Jung and Jae Min having a secret relationship. She tells her friend Sung Hoon that out of her dating rumors, she feels happy about this because it is true. Yoo Jung mentions to Jae Kyung that she wants to publicly declare her relationship with Jae Min. She gets angry and tells her not to.

At the press conference of their new project, a reporter asks her if the rumor is true. She says that there is a man she loves but before she can reveal the identity of the guy, news regarding Jae Min’s engagement breaks out.

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Devastated by the news, she gets drunk and goes to Jae Min’s house, not knowing he no longer lives there. She barges, tells the guy not to turn around and cries her heart out. When the man faces her, she realizes she made another mistake and as she rushes to the door, she bumps her head.

In the morning, she apologizes once again, and they share a breakfast. She asks him questions to which he refuses to answer. She then requests if he can give her a ride back to her agency. The cameraman, still on the stake out, photographs the two of them inside the house.

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The reporter who is reprimanded for publishing a false article, comes up with a solution to salvage her reputation and Yoo Jung’s image. Since there are pictures of them together, she suggests talking to him to pretend he is the boyfriend. Woo Hyun declines.

Pressured by Kang Hye Joo, the hospital fires Woo Hyun. He confronts his father thinking it is all because of him. He goes to his stepbrother’s struggling clinic and tells him he will work for him. Kang Hye Joo vows to destroy the clinic so Woo Hyun would agree to marry her.

During the filming of the ending scene, Jae Min finally tells her that she is no fun as a girlfriend. He says that she is the only one happy in their relationship and he thanks her for getting him male lead roles. He also wants her to call him if she has projects in need of a male co-star.

Feeling hurt, she goes to the hospital to see Woo Hyun, but the staff tells her he is no longer working there. She manages to locate the clinic and requests to speak with him. She asks Woo Hyun to date her for exactly three months.

Pilot Week Afterthoughts

Despite its plain narrative Love Alert is a promising drama. The straight up rom-com premise definitely offers a welcome break from all the serious dramas currently airing. The plot is basic, and viewers will certainly see a story saddled with clichés but for this drama, it works. It is also nice to see Yoon Eun Hye back in an acting role.

Love Alert‘s major hook is the undeniable chemistry of its leads. The first two episodes are not yet heavy on the romance, but the interactions between Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung will make you smile. There are enough scenes that offer a peek at the direction their characters are heading to as they slowly discover the path to true love.

The conflict, although not yet obvious, lies in the three-month dating contract. As we all know, things are never simple with an agreement like that. Complications are bound to arise. It would be interesting to witness how Cha Woo Hyun and Yoon Yoo Jung deal with the consequences of their actions. I don’t have high expectations, but I love the simplicity of the plot. You don’t always have to rely on thought-provoking premises to enjoy watching a drama, sometimes going with the feels and heart-fluttering moments will do. Love Alert promises just that.

Love Alert airs on MBN at 11PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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