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K-Drama Premiere: “Lovely Horribly” Kicks Off Spooky Plot That Is Kind Of Messy

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We sure saw an intriguing drama milieu in KBS2 TV’s Lovely Horribly, but so much was injected in its opening week that it had been kind of exhausting.

Park Shi Hoo (My Golden Life) and Song Ji Hyo (My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week) are looking all ready for their roles in Lovely Horribly, but the eerie yarn could do a bit more of clear view point in sequencing where the story is heading to.

Interesting cast and imaginary characters inside the fictional sphere of the series are set to unfold the cryptic narrative introduced about a man and a woman whose fate are entwined with luck reversal – which means if one is having the best day of his life, the other would be suffering to its exact opposite. Add the second male lead who can see wandering spirits to the plot where the heroine’s TV screenplay seems to be coming true to life, Lovely Horribly sans the sporadic sub plot bombardment, looks ready to offer more hopefully in the coming chapters.

Lovely Horribly



Pilot Week Recap

Young Oh Eul Soon is brought by her parents to a shaman in the hopes of resolving her ill-fated fortune, not knowing that the witch doctor has a son who suffers the same fate and birthday as hers. It is only through getting Eul Soon’s luck that the shaman’s son will survive. The sorcery is successfully executed by the shaman, who took Eul Soon’s protective necklace – the mechanism that has channeled a new life for his son.


The two grow up with reversed fates of one having all the good things, while the other becomes a bad luck magnet. Phillip Yoo becomes a top actor who enjoys the fame and fortune, while Eul Soon struggles as a TV scriptwriter, who broke up with her boyfriend after having enough of the misfortunes he blamed to happen because of dating her.

The two meet again without the knowledge of their connected past – when Eul Soon tries to help a woman being chased by a masked assailant and drags Phillip to help in apprehending the attacker. But the assailant stabs a knife that Eul Soon cushioned with her hands. It cuts his protective bracelet which used to be Eul Soon’s.

Lovely Horribly


Nearly reaching her 34th birthday which her mother said to be her life’s turning point, she learns that a star TV writer who promises to co-write with her has never had intentions of fulfilling their agreement after stealing her earlier work that propelled her popularity.

Wallowing in self pity, she heads to her mother’s tomb, where inspiration hits her to pen the ending of her script’s second part. At the same time, Phillip Yoo is lost with his assistant in finding a filming location. They end up at a house where an old man lives – the same old man who advises Phillip’s mother to trade the destinies of her child to Eul Soon.

The old man warns him of a looming danger ahead and heeds him to hold on to a woman to protect his life. True to what the old man said, Phillip Yoo and his assistant are hit by a landslide and are trapped under enormous mound of soil. What has transpired to the celebrity strangely links to what Eul Soon is writing. Lucky for Phillip, Eul Soo is led to where they are trapped and rescues him from the imminent danger.

Lovely Horribly

Eul Soon crawls back home and realizes on the next day whom she just rescued. She learns from PD Lee Sung Jung (Lee Gi Kwang) that she will proceed with the drama project, while the writer who double-crossed her is still out of reach. They head to meet Phillip and his team to discuss the drama, but the top star who is baffled for reading his life story written by Eul Soon refuses to do the project. Eul Soon bargains to make some revisions, infuriating him further because of her lack of conviction to her craft for being easily swayed.

Pressed with time and wanting to claim a shot to rearrange her career, Eul Soon proceeds to revising the script and heads to Phillip’s house. The actor who has been receiving a streak of bad news gets another misfortune when he traps himself to a chair. Eul Soon frees him from his non-living captor while mumbling the script adjustments. Philip tells her how her writing seems to be happening in real life as she learns that Phillip’s first love shares the name of her Chinese ghost heroine named Rayun.

She shoves his absurd idea and heads to leave his mansion against his request to stay until his manager comes. She slips, inadvertently turning the TV on, while dragging Phillip on top of her just as the news of the writer who betrayed her airs, revealing her sad death.

Lovely HorriblyLovely Horribly



Lovely Horribly reflects overflowing excitement based on the injected happenings and character introductions. It raises myriad of queries to be uncovered – so much that it kind of scares you as a viewer – if it can manage to deliver by answering the foreseen twists to be unhinged in the story.

A little trimming of excessive sub plot insertions and clarity to its supernatural premise will definitely do the trick since the cast has seemed to don their characters efficiently well up to this point.

Lovely Horribly airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2 TV.

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