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K-Drama Premiere: “Mother” Braves Emotional Plot About Child Abuse & Family Ties

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Mother introspectively delves on how blood does not guarantee loving relationship, and how strangers are sometimes more fitting to be called  family.

It took me a while to formulate my thoughts about Mother since it leans on sentiments, especially it is a sensitive topic. It seems like it is something that won’t appeal to the general public as well.


But if you are the typem who likes to unveil any kind of ardent storytelling, especially if the theme is human nature, then you will easily succumb to this drama.

I have not seen the Japanese drama of where it is adapted from, but the story bagged awards in 2010 for its heartfelt narrative.


Pilot Week Recap

Bird researcher Soo Jin works as a public school science teacher to help aid her finances. She is estranged from her family, and has been living alone peacefully at her own lifestyle and pace.

Teacher Soo Jin develops a bond between one of her students in the class, who is often bullied. The young girl, Hye Na, lives with her single mother, and is often abused by her mother’s boyfriend.

The teachers at Soo Jin’s school try to appeal on the obvious domestic violence. But Hye Na, who is afraid of losing her family, shields her mother from the police interrogation.

In one of her evil stepfather’s villainous streak, her mother catches on her lover’s inappropriate advancement on her own child. Instead of protecting her child, she hits her and places her inside a trash bag. Teacher Soo Jin, who decides to visit Hye Na, finds her trembling in trauma, and brings her over to her house.



From then on, Teacher Soo Jin decides to safeguard Hye Na. As she is set to work as a researcher in Iceland, she devises a plan on how she can bring Hye Na.

The landlady, from the guesthouse they stayed, offers help to get Hye Na’s new passport. Reluctant to give money without receiving the document, she relents when the shady man blurted amount of hubris to convince her to trust them.

Unfortunately the passport does not happen as promised. To make matters worse, the woman, who gave the referral, is being chased by the police. Soo Jin breaks down when she learns of the fake document factory, which is raided and takes the advice of a woman living with the guesthouse landlady, to leave so she can protect Hye Na.

Soo Jin and Hye Na take on a train to Chuncheon. Unbeknownst to Soo Jin, her own mother has been looking for her after being diagnosed of cancer.


Pilot Week Verdict

Mother boasts impressive role portrayals right away from Lee Bo Young and the abused girl, played by child actress Heo Yool. The latter has such an innate ability to capture viewers’ hearts with her optimism. At a young age, she is left to fend for herself against domestic violence and school bullying. Her fated meeting with a substitute teacher, who in some way has gone through the same fate as hers, creates a conflict that is intriguing to be solved.

The heavy and heart draining dialog trajectory requires patience for viewers, who will choose to follow the journey of two emotionally battered women. But we look forward to how the heroine’s rescue of a child abuse victim will deem favorable and justified in the future episodes.

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