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K-Drama Premiere: “Switch Change The World” Fascinates With Exciting Plot & Mischief-making Heroes

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Time whizzes enjoyably in the swift pacing SBS drama, Switch Change The World!

The teasing which drama fans got for Switch Change The World were all worth it as the premiere week delightfully ran with a clever story about a con artist forced to stage a ploy by the prosecutor’s office.

Switch Change The World

Amusing right? With a fickle fraudster and prickly prosecutor teaming up against a crafty villain, the outwitting game would be inevitable.

Switch showcased neat editing on its opening chapters by engrossing the viewers with brain activity in guessing plot direction dependent on the characteristics of the main leads.

Switch Change The World

Switch Change the World Episode Recap Links

Episodes: 1-4, 5-8, 9-12

Switch Change the world is available online via “Ppalip-pali Hours” of One TV Asia every Thursday and Friday at 8:10 PM. Territories apply.

Pilot Week Recap

Master scammer Sa Do Chan (Jang Geun Suk) and his posse successfully defraud a gang member while pretending to be a prosecutor who looks exactly like him. But just as they are going outside the country, the gang confronts him to prove he is a real prosecutor.

Switch Change The World

The real prosecutor, Baek Jun Soo, apparently met a grave accident, and is yet to regain consciousness. He is working on a big case involving the usual secret group of corrupted rich men. Jun Soo’s junior, Oh Ha Ra, also stumbles onto her senior’s lookalike so when Sa Do Chan goes to the office to use Prosecutor Baek’s identity, she rides it, because she also needs him for an ulterior motive.

Ha Ra uses Sa Do Chan’s recent posing as a prosecutor, to get him agree to pose as Prosecutor Baek for an important deal that he needs to attend. They stage a scenario to steal the clue tipped by the informer. But Sa Do Chan who learned that a big sum of money is involved double-crosses the prosecutors on the day of the item retrieval.

Switch Change The World

Ha Ra tracks him down through a bug she placed on him, and learns that nothing is inside the box that they also get.

In the villains’ lair, the snitch is being tortured to reveal the location of the item. Since Prosecutor Baek is still unconscious, Ha Ra offers Sa Do Chan to continue with the charade in exchange for his friends’ jail freedom.

When their team gets involved on a drug case, Sa Do Chan acts on his own, not knowing that a trap has been cast by the villains who knew that Prosecutor Baek is tailing their activities. The same fiends are also behind the latter’s accident.

Sa Do Chan receives a hard blow from the baddies, and falls to the ground, just in time when the reinforcement arrives to rescue him.

Switch Change The World

Pilot Week Verdict

Switch Change The World premiered to an energizing vibe, depicting an inviting glimpse of what to expect in the forthcoming chapters.

The mood, the characters, and even the music set up an engrossing legal-crime drama, powered by caper activities and clever showdown between the heroes and the villains. It also secures an effective bait from the first glimpse of its story.

Switch Change The World airs on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday.

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