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K-Drama Premiere: “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” Evokes Curiosity With Interestingly Sketched Hero

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Wanting to know more about Seo In Guk’s character in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is the opening week’s ultimate aftermath.

For its first serving, the main character who lost his vigor to live, but has clear excess baggage to unload, is clearly drawn in tvN’s latest midweek drama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.

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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Those sharp camera movements showing Seo In Guk’s transition to dark emotions through his eyes, blatantly served his fans a sweet validation of why he chose a serious role – because he was undoubtedly able to pull it off with conviction so far.

Having no initial knowledge from the Japanese drama it was adapted from, I found the faint drama and biting thrill surrounding the character connections worthy to be explored and unveiled. Not to mention how the damaged character of Seo In Guk really gravitates you to figure out what his motivations are, as well as his end game.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Pilot Week Recap

Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk) works at a brewery company. Carefree living with emotionless gaze, he starts a relationship with a potter named Baek Sung Ah (So Eun Soo), who is betrothed to a rich family’s son.

The Smile Has Left Your EyesThe Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Through his new girlfriend, he encounters Yoo Jin Kang (Jung So Min), and her brother Yoo Jin Guk (Park Sung Woong) who works in the police force. The latter furtively monitors a murder case involving a young woman pushed to death from her apartment, with her boyfriend strongly pinned for the crime because of  the gathered evidence. But Jin Guk deduces how the case hints a man who has a photographic memory is involved in the premeditated murder, which also subtly points to Moo Young’s sharp memory.

Seung Ah, who introduced Moo Young to Jin Kang as her boyfriend, sees him with another woman, but opts not to tell the incident, as a gratitude to how he shielded her burn mark when it got accidentally exposed while on a blind date with Jin Guk’s subordinate.

Moo Young chances upon Jin Guk, with the former leaving a strange impression of having met him before in the past.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Pilot Week Recap

Pieces of the whole story picture were displayed on the opening week of the drama. If not for the amazing character portrayals, it would have been chaotic. Instead it lured the viewers to a web of curiosity with its air of mystery.

The hook of unveiling the connections of Yoo siblings to Moo Young was so strong for the overview sketch of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, making the viewers feel compelled to watch its succeeding episodes.

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The atmosphere takes a baffling feel thriving on the hero’s enigmatic bearing. I don’t know how Seo In Guk channeled those cold gazes but it literally brought the drama title’s meaning to life.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is aired on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday.