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K-Drama Premiere: “Two Cops” Fires Puzzling Jump-off Point About Conman-Possessed Detective

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Two Cops shoots a riveting supernatural-romcom story albeit a cluttered introductory plot sketching.

Jo Jung Seok


I placed Two Cops under my radar because the plot of a swindler hosting a police officer’s body piqued my interest.

Having Jo Jung Seok on board is a bonus. There are areas of opportunities to improve on the distracted yarning of the initial chapters but it is an engrossing kickoff week

Two Cops

Pilot Week Recap

Known for his brusque temperament, Detective Cha Dong Tak (Jo Jung Seok) is given a second life after a fatal attack to him and his partner. Furious to catch the culprit, he is in pursuit of catching him at any cost. He begins to gather clues and evidence to pin down the killer of his mentor and friend.

Enter Gong Soo Chang (Kim Sun Ho), an ex-convict with a flair in sweet talking expert in fraud activities. The dark organization behind the killer plots a scheme by framing Soo Chang as the murderer. Dong Tak takes the bait and captures the wrong guy through the villains’ leading.

Reporter Song Ji Ahn (Hye Ri) bickers on how her scoops are taken by her colleague. She decides to stalk on the police station to get an exclusive, after learning about a foul play involving a dead police officer, who turns out to be Dong Tak’s partner.

Two Cops

Dong Tak is quick to deduce her intention in lurking inside the police station so he talks her out of it, citing how the case he is working on can’t be released in the public or he will lose the suspect he is trailing on.

Eventually Dong Tak traced Soo Chang, and as they head to the station, a scary looking gang equipped with fighting weapons bumps on their car ready to strike a fight.

Outnumbered by the baddies, Dong Tak struggles brawling with them. Pleading his innocence about the killing, Soo Chang shields Dong Tak from a deadly hit. Dong Tak carries the injured con artist and jumps on a nearby river.

When Soo Chang opens his eyes inside a hospital room, he freaks out when he realizes he is inside Dong Tak’s body!

Two Cops

Is it worth watching or skipping?

Two cops production team adeptly addresed the messy story building from its premiere.  A positive increase in the ratings was reflected on its second week, so hopefully it will stay consistent.

What’s interesting for the December batch of KDramas is that we will mostly have visual trips to prison and police stations. We will also root for detectives and convicts this time. I am keen to be delighted on the quirky side of the fantasy premise than cheer for its romantic fulfillment.  Midweek drama race is on a stiff competition, but Jo Jung Seok’s latest drama is up to bring an A-game.

Two Cops is aired at MBC channel on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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