K-Drama Premiere: “Vagabond” Takes Off With Highly Emotional And Riveting Action Scenes

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After months of waiting, the highly-awaited Vagabond hit the small screens this month.

Tapping on to the intense action stunts done by none other than Lee Seung Gi, the premiere week of Vagabond kept viewers at the edge of their seats. The tension was palpable even through the screen as Lee’s character went through several stages of grief. But let’s not get ahead of the story.




Very rarely does a premiere week score a perfect score of 5, but kudos to the efforts of the Vagabond team for pulling off the dramatic action scenes. The roller coaster ride of emotions the drama took viewers on during its premiere week promises an even more spectacular stage in the coming weeks.

Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy reunite for another explosive drama. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this reunion as it promises another level of acting that can only be expected from the pair. Both Bae and Lee were last seen in Gu Family Book. This time, the pair is taking on more mature and exciting roles.


Cha Dal Gun is a struggling stuntman who dreams of reaching superstar status. Like his idol Jackie Chan, Dal Gun excels in martial arts. However, his dreams are halted when he takes charge of his only nephew, Cha Hoon. Dal Gun reluctantly took on the child, but eventually became a doting uncle. Like Dal Gun, Hoon also excelled in Taekwondo. Together with 20 other young students, Hoon is part of the Taekwondo Demo team. They are invited to go to Morocco for a demonstration.

Hoon excitedly boards the plane, but sends a video message to his uncle Dal Gun. He lets his uncle know that he knows he quit the action center. Furthermore, Hoon tries to rebuild his uncle’s confidence and tells him he’s really cool when he’s competing. Hoon apologizes about how he left Dal Gun. Sadly, the airplane the Taekwondo team is on crashes into the Moroccan sea, instantly killing everyone on board.

A Grieving Dal Gun

Upon learning the news, a devastated Dal Gun watches the video Hoon uploaded on the cloud. He notes the odd man who bumped into his nephew. Upon arrival of the bereaved relatives in Morocco, Dal Gun recognizes a man in the airport as the same man on board Hoon’s flight. Startled, Dal Gun starts running after the man. They get into a physical fight, and Dal Gun manages to injure the man. What ensues after is a series of intense action scenes as Dal Gun desperately tries to keep up with the man. Unfortunately, he eventually escapes.

Netflix - Vagabond

Dal Gun makes his way back to the hotel where the other relatives are. He tries to convince them that he saw a survivor in the airport, but they refuse to believe him. Desperately, he turns to Hae Ri. He tries to get her to recall the man they both saw, but she feebly denies it. Dejected, Dal Gun gives up but tells them he’ll go after the man himself.

The grieving family members mourn their loved ones by the sea where the plane crashed. Afterwards, they head back to Korea, but Dal Gun decides to stay behind. He discovers that the videos Hoon uploaded have been deleted, and he catches a man leaving his hotel room. As he tries to chase him, he attacks the hotel staff he bumped into instead. He suspects this staff member had something to do with his missing files, but the staff member denies involvement. Dal Gun is arrested and taken into custody.

Hae Ri heads to the police station to bail out Dal Gun, but Dal Gun is still violent. Hae Ri is tempted to give up, but she’s reminded by what Dal Gun said. She feels responsible for bringing the kids to Morocco so she tries to dig further. She manages to translate the conversation the mysterious man behind Hoon and realizes he was talking to the plane’s co-pilot. Hae Ri is stunned by her discovery, the plane crash wasn’t an accident after all.


Again, the premiere week blew me away. I already had high expectations for this drama given the hype prior to its premiere. But I can’t believe I enjoyed it that much. One of my tests if I enjoy the drama is if the time flies by and I get surprised that it’s already over. And this drama didn’t disappoint.

Additionally, Vagabond is a high-quality production that was well-prepared. It didn’t feel like I was watching a TV drama, it had the feel of a Hollywood movie. The beautiful backdrop of Morocco stunned me and made me eager to visit the country someday.

Netflix - Vagabond


Lee Seung Gi Stuns In The Premiere Week

First of all, let me give credit to whom its rightly due. Lee Seung Gi deserves a standing ovation for his performance in the premiere week. It wasn’t easy watching him grieve over his young nephew, but he was able to translate his pain well onscreen. As a parent, I understood that his pain fueled his anger and violent behavior in Morocco. I knew exactly where he was coming from, and I’m surprised that he was able to embody that desperation as Dal Gun.

Additionally, his intense and breathtaking action scenes really elevated Vagabond’s premiere week for me. I was at the edge of my chair as I watched the action unfold. All the while I was thinking of all the training Lee must have had to go through to be able to shoot his scenes.

Bae Suzy was also admirable in her role as Hae Ri. Although there wasn’t that much action for her in the premiere week, I’m sure in the weeks to come, she’ll impress viewers with her abilities.


The story of Vagabond centers around the conspiracy of the plane crash, but there’s so much more to discover in the coming weeks. What the premiere week did for viewers is to give the sweet taste of what’s yet to come. As fans, we are eager to await what’s next. Vagabond will surely live up to its premiere week, and we can’t wait.

Vagabond is currently airing on SBS every Friday and Saturday and streaming on Netflix.

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