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K-Drama Premiere: “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” Kindles Romantic Veins With Sprightly Main Leads

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Park Seo Joon brought a new level of adorable narcissism when he welcomed K-drama fans to his chaebol character in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

His latest lead man role amuses with how his character Lee Young Joon perceives ideas differently. So when the conflict is introduced of him in the brink of mental breakdown because his secretary of nine years has decided to quit, viewers unitedly cheer for Secretary Kim to make her pompous boss try harder to prove his sincerity. *hehe

That way we would see other facets of his bizaare insights and grand staging of events on how he can keep his secretary by his side.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim has already delighted on its zippy opening week. It even gave that subtle nudge to reflect on catching up with your life bucket list inspired by Kim Mi So, portrayed superbly by Park Min Young.

Living up to its hype, tvN’s new rom-com permeates bickering and heart-flutters that linger and excite the viewers to unravel the nine years of the main lead boss-secretary memories to warrant a love story they both deserve.


Pilot Week Recap

Nine years of working as a secretary with her eccentric boss, Kim Mi So finally frees herself from family debts so she decides to resign from her coveted job. Her boss Lee Young Joon is taken aback of her sudden resignation notice, but his pride and ego won’t allow him to beg her to stay.

However his instincts and routines react other ways as he seeks his friend, Director Park, to help him with his predicament.

When Mi So reveals the reason of wanting to live a life that is her own and not as a daughter bound to pay her family debts nor a restless secretary to a demanding boss, Young Joon relents to his friend’s advice of wooing her like how he compromises on his business dealings.

The result is Mi So being honest on how she wants to get married and have an ordinary life. The boss who is running out of options to keep her in his life proposes to marry her but she takes it as a joke and carries on with her plan.

Secretary Kim starts training her replacement stressing out her boss who has a month to convince her to stay by his side. He even goes to an extent of hiring a restaurant to get Mi So’s dating dreams which he orchestrated to life in the hopes that she will change her mind.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Pilot Week Verdict

Park Seo Joon’s trademark suit pose and out-of-this-world self absorbed nature made the romance trajectory of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim a must watch.

Supporting male leads Lee Tae Hwan and Hwang Chansung have not even graced the story yet. So yes, there are a lot more to look forward to in the love premise. We love how the hero over-analyzes everything because he is too proud to label his need for Secretary Kim to have been a full blown romance. On the lead girl’s perspective, her discovery of her life with her boss is more than just a routine is also something to watch for.


What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Though traipsing on vanilla romance, finding the meaning of love from disregarded moments over the years because of the boss-secretary relationship would be the key points to expect in the series.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? airs on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday.

For Singapore and Malaysia readers, it is exclusively available on tvN Asia channel as 24hr express drama on Thursday and Friday.

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