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K-Drama Weekly Recap: “Radio Romance” Episodes 13 & 14

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Dating-a-top-star reality hits the 7th week of Radio Romance.

Radio Romance lands a you-and-me-against-my-fans draining reality, as a haunted past finally connects the missing pieces of the lead couple’s first love story.

Before we send off Radio Romance tomorrow, here’s a recap of the events last week!

Yoon Doo Joon

The promotional poster of “Radio Romance” (Photo by Urban Works Media and Plusis Media)


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Radio Romance Ep 13&14 Highlights

Radio Romance Episode 13


Belated Love Confession

PD Lee reveals his long-running admiration to the writer he mentored, but it’s too late since Geu Rim already keeps Soo Ho in her heart.

Soo Ho’s supressed grin

Geu Rim tells her boyfriend about PD Lee’s revelation when she visits his place. She agrees to throw lines with the script for his new drama. After melting on how Soo Ho acts on the sweet scene, she mumbles how the script is overly filled with unnecessary love scenes, making him cutely suppress his grin. She denies getting jealous, and he rides what she believes in. He slides for a quick peck, assuring her that she is the only person he wants to be with.

Radio Romance Episode 13

Soo Ho & Geu Rim’s Dating News

As expected in dating a celebrity, Geu Rim becomes the object of celebrity’s fans’ wrath when her relationship with Soo Ho is revealed. When the reporters and fans start camping for confirmation, Soo Ho bravely holds her hand as they head inside the radio station. During the live broadcast, he vocally declares being okay losing his following if his fans won’t be so understanding of who makes him happy.

Radio Romance Episode 13

Soo Ho cut ties with his parents

Soo Ho gives ultimatum to his parents for involving him on how they live. He chides how his father’s womanizing acts have been a burden to their family, when the latter tries to resolve his wife’s concern on their son’s decision to leave the company. Knowing that his mother tips the reporters of his relationship with Geu Rim, Soo Ho ignores his mother’s pep talk, and is firm with his contract termination decision.

Geu Rim & Soo Ho’s Car Date

As fans camp outside Geu Rim’s house, the couple strives hard to meet outside. Geu Rim checks on her man’s drama script, and turns sour upon knowing he is expected to shoot a kiss scene soon. He reasons out that the history of his kiss scenes are purely work related, while she might have done it because she wants to. Since she knows how to silence him, she leans to kiss him, and he quickly gives her a peck too.

Radio Romance Episode 14


Woo Ji Woo

Radio Romance drops details of how young Soo Ho and his friend Woo Ji Woo have both liked Song Geu Rim 12 years ago. The neat connection is expected to wrap up at the finale episodes as Geu Rim asks Soo Ho the real deal about Ji Woo.

Radio Romance Episode 14

Don’t miss the finale of Radio Romance on March 20 at KBS!

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