K-Movie Review: “On Your Wedding Day” Reminisces First Love Bliss & Heartaches

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On Your Wedding Day is sweet and endearing as advertised.

When Korean film On Your Wedding Day joined the box office parade along with expected summer movie heavyweights this year, the romance themed flick would have easily been overlooked.

But the spirited charm of Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang’s big screen pairing has tapped easily on viewer’s wistful memories of falling in love for the first time, generating positive feedback which encouraged interest from film patrons.

On Your Wedding Day

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From the last tally of Korean Film Council on September 19, On Your Wedding Day has amassed over 2.8 million admission, achieving the honor as the highest-grossing South Korean romantic film this year.

With its simple and comforting premise, the film sprinkles comical notes that traverse the love story of Hwan Seung Hee (Park Bo Young) and Hwang Woo Yeon (Kim Young Kwang), who discover that fate leads two hearts to find love, but the right timing can make or break it.

Brimming with candied yet piercing love lessons, we will take you to some of the best moments in the movie.

On Your Wedding Day

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“It has to be her.”

Narrated in the perspective of Woo Yeon, Kim Young Kwang powers the delightful moments as he persistently chases his first love against fate’s impeccable timing to ruin those chances of successfully pursuing her. Determined to please the transfer student who has made his heart flutter for the first time, he builds a friendly connection as young love eventually blossomed between them. His relatable emotional attachment can be felt and understood by people who have been at that exact stage of wanting only one person in their life. That’s why when he finally gets the girl of his dreams, we can’t help but feel happy for him.

On Your Wedding Day
“You were always by my side.”

Resigned to living come-what-may, Woo Yeon succumbs to dream bigger in the hopes of meeting Seung Hee in Seoul. His hard work pays off and they eventually reunite while studying in the same university. But their disrupted young love vaguely progresses because she is in a relationship. A few years later they meet again with a reversed relationship status which he gave up because he still likes her. Finally she returns back to the arms of the man, who has been devoted to her almost all of his life.

On Your Wedding Day subtly layers the narrative conflicts through its sentimental approach of how timing can shatter a fated love. At the same time it gives a contemplative nudge of how a relationship may end but the love lingers, not because you hope for another chance, but because you can’t just give it to another person.

On Your Wedding Day

“I sometimes regret getting entangled with her.”

After settling and adjusting to each other, Seung Hee and Woo Yeon reach road blocks when life realities harshly challenge the love they have built all those years. A moment of hesitation on the part of Woo Yeon changes the course of their relationship painfully in an instant, as Seung Hee firmly refuses to prolong the love they thought would never end.

Striding to a brightly narrated love ride, On Your Wedding Day cushions the hero of the story to inevitably accept that his first love will be kept only in his memories because she does not belong in his future.

On Your Wedding Day

“You help me become a better person”

The movie has made sure to prepare the audience with the emotional casualties it can lead to after parading a romance tale that spans years of bargaining with time to finally happen. As the title suggests, the film reminisces the memoir of a man’s first love, and how she has inspired him to better himself.

Embracing the lessons you learned through loving someone is the ultimate message that is imparted through the love story of Seung Hee and Woo Yeon. It teaches how the amount of love spent and memories shared are always outweighed when you emotionally hurt your partner. It also gives a pensive mood how we can never tell whether a relationship will last long when we enter it, and the happy and sad moments always go along with it.

On Your Wedding Day


On Your Wedding Day will make you smile and cry as it takes you to reminisce your very own fond memories about your first love.

Neat, simple and sweet, it does not make you overthink owing to how it has been clear to express its goal from the start – the highs and lows of chasing love.

A refreshing movie date you can definitely share with your friends, lover and family.

On Your Wedding Day

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On Your Wedding Day is currently shown in Philippine cinemas nationwide.

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