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Kang Dong Won Clarifies Assumptions On His Family And Image

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Kang Dong Won is not who you think he is.

Actor Kang Dong Won is recognized as one of the most handsome faces in South Korea. He has a noble appearance that people often mistake his family background.

“The rumor that I’m from a rich family is far from truth,” he said. Unlike what people have assumed, Kang did not enjoy luxury in his childhood.

“I was raised in a really ordinary family,” he said, recounting the days he would walk past rice paddies on his way to school and living in a house heated with briquettes.

Kang Dong Won

(Photo from CJ E&M)

Kang Dong Won was born in Busan and grew up in Changwon. When his family was under economic hardship, he worked part-time to pay for his college tuition.

According to Kang, his life only began to change after gaining success as an actor. He made his acting debut in 2003, and received his breakthrough role as Jung Tae Sung in the 2004 film Temptation of Wolves.

Since then, he has been active in the film industry, making the SBS drama Magic as his most recent television series.

Kang Dong Won

(Photo from YG Entertainment)

Kang also clarified the misconception about his cold-hearted image. Instead, he described himself as warm-hearted like his character in his newest film Golden Slumber.

“I am like Geon Woo, a character who always opts to suffer losses for others, whenever he has to make an important choice,” he said.

Busy Years Ahead for Kang Dong Won

Although he is busy this year with three films, Kang said the next few years will be a lot busier than 2018.

“I’d like to play a wide spectrum of roles, seeking a balance between what audiences want to see and what I like to play,” he said.

Kang Dong Won

A still from “Golden Slumber” (Retrieved from Yonhap News)

Kang’s newest film Golden Slumber is set to open in theaters in South Korea on Valentine’s Day. Currently, he is busy filming the upcoming sci-fi film In-rang, which is expected to be given an English title later.

Next month, Kang will fly to Europe to shoot Simon West’s Tsunami LA.

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