KANGDANIEL Becomes First Male K-Pop Soloist To Perform On “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

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KANGDANIEL makes his US TV debut performance of “Parade” on The Kelly Clarkson Show. 

Multi-talented soloist, KANGDANIEL, delivered an impactful performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on June 16. The rising K-Pop superstar heralded global activities with his appearance, also becoming the first male K-Pop solo artist to perform on the program.


The artist performed b-side, “Parade”, from his recent full-length solo album release titled, The Story. This was an exciting moment for fans because it also marked the first live performance of the track on the air.

KANGDANIEL impressed audiences with the sleek performance, highlighting his admirable vocal skills. Furthermore, the stage itself also thrilled with its grand scale, as the artist sang on the Han River and concluded the performance with a grand fireworks show.

In her introduction of the artist, global star Kelly Clarkson praised KANGDANIEL, explaining that “[he has become] one of the most successful K-Pop solo acts to date.”

Growing Global Presence

KANGDANIEL’s appearance on such a famed program reflects his rising worldwide popularity. Hosted by the singer-songwriter, Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show won the Emmy Awards three times. Furthermore, other global artists including Dua Lipa, John Legend, and more, have also performed for the NBC talk show.

As the first male solo K-Pop artist to grace the stage, KANGDANIEL offered a memorable and captivating performance that reiterated his star qualities.

Meanwhile, KANGDANIEL has been focusing on global expansion lately, with various overseas activities.

He became the first male K-Pop soloist to perform in Grammy’s Press Play series. Moreover, he just launched his Japanese fanclub, Danity Japan, on June 1. Additionally, fans can look forward to his performance during Japan’s largest music festival, Summer Sonic 2022. 

Such global accomplishments including his latest performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show reflect his growing presence as a worldwide artist.

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Image and Video Source: KONNECT Entertainment | The Kelly Clarkson Show