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Kim Greem as VJ for a live broadcast program

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Singer Kim Greem has become a VJ for a live broadcast program. The singer has handled the VJ position well on the cable channel ETN for the program called Music ON.

Music ON is a program that shares a variety of artists’ music videos and introduces them. Using the SNS, they are able to use viewers’ opinions on the music through the program. The staff were surprised at the professional manner that Kim Greem was able to explain and present so well, as she talked about mainstream artists to indie, and then to rookie artists.

Kim Greem who finished filming her first live broadcast on November 12 said, “it’s the first program that I’m set for after debuting and its also a live broadcast so I was very nervous. But as I am challenged to try a new area, I feel good about it and I will continue to try harder for the program.”

She is the first celebrity to get a permanent spot on a program as a main VJ. Fans can support her and watch her on ETN’s Music ON from Monday to Thursday at noon.

 Source: News and photo – The Star

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